X: Strike it Out!

Did you really want a post on xanthan gum? NO!

So I’m using “X” to talk about the things that I believe should be cut out of your typical daily routine.

Typically, I do not advocate cutting ANYTHING completely out of your diet unless you have an allergy or intolerance. I think there is a terrible trend these days towards cutting things out of your meals. It’s unrealistic for most and unhealthy for many.

That said, there are foods that should be consumed so little that it’s almost never. That’s pretty close to cutting them out, I know. But once you see my list, you’ll understand. I don’t ever SAY never because we’re all human…but if you have a choice, I would choose to NOT eat any of the following:

1. POPcola can II

There is absolutely NOTHING good for your body in a can of pop. It’s full of sugar and chemicals. And if you think it’s alright because you drink diet pop, you’re wrong. Diet pop may not be full of sugar, but the substitutes are just as bad. Plus all those lovely chemicals you can’t pronounce are going directly into your bloodstream. Yuck.

Also, sugar, when not used as energy, turns directly into FAT. So a bag of sugar may be “fat-free” but that doesn’t mean it won’t end up that way on the inside. Drink low sodium soda water and flavour it with a splash of natural fruit juice, lemon or lime.

2. Trans Fat

So this stuff is slowly making it’s way out of certain foods because it’s absolutely garbage for your insides. People won’t eat butter but they’ll fill their body with this stuff. Ew. And its man-made. Thanks MAN. Way to be gross.

Where can you find it? In most things fried or battered (hint, hint-try to avoid those things), pie crusts, margarine, shortening (Just use butter! Grass fed if you can), store bought icing, pancake mixes, non-dairy creamers (those powdered ones), microwave popcorn, packaged cookies, biscuits (Noticing a theme?), packaged puddings and frozen dinners. Phew. Did you see any foods that don’t come in a package/out of a fryer in there? No you didn’t.

Thing One: If you see hydrogenated ANYTHING, try to avoid those foods. Trans fat lowers your good cholesterol, raises your bad cholesterol and can cause inflammation which is just bad all over.

Thing Two: Apparently there is a daily allowance for trans fat. You can ignore that. The daily allowance SHOULD be 0. Here’s the scary thing…companies can list their products as “trans-fat free” if their serving size contains less than 0.5 grams. And if you eat more than one serving…well, you’re getting a very unhealthy dose. So you HAVE to read the ingredient list. Strike it out.

3. Refined Sugar

I get it. It’s difficult. And that is exactly why I want you to know I am human. Yes, I eat at restaurants and yes, I get treats for myself and my family. They contain sugar. But on a DAILY basis, I avoid it. My sweeteners are honey, maple syrup and molasses. And sometimes I will bake with organic evaporated cane juice. But refined white sugar in large doses? Nope. A treat? Yes.

4. Refined White Flour

Basically see my answer for #3. We don’t have refined white flour in my house. I use alternatives such as whole grain flour, oats or other grains. If I’m served a freshly baked white bun at my friend’s house? Damn right I’m going to eat it.

5. Low-fat foods

But they’re low fat!!! Yes and they’re probably replacing the fat with sugar and things that don’t belong in your body. Chemicals, colourings, flavourings, just nasty stuff.

There are always exceptions to the rule but for the most part, if you avoid these food items on a REGULAR basis and keep them for treats, plus eat mostly whole, real foods, you’ll only be doing your body a favour. And it WILL thank you.apples on the board

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Have an excellent week!