What do Nutritionists feed their kids?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

I’m a real person. I do not eat vegetables all day long and I drink wine and love chocolate. I am not perfect. But perfection is boring, isn’t it?

So it’s no surprise that this also applies to my kids and their lunches for school. I do stay away from packaged and processed foods but their lunches are fairly boring (and maybe that’s perfect?)…so you want to know?20150907_200857

What does this Nutritionist give her kids for lunch? I’ll tell you. It’s been a week of school and they’ve come home happy every day so far. Here’s why:

Sandwiches. Every. Single. Day.

Are you surprised?

First of all, they like them. Second, they’re pretty healthy. Third, EASY PEASY. I can make the same sandwich three days in a row and they don’t complain. So…yes. Anything that makes my life and lunch making easy…I will do it.

What else?

20150907_201928Cheese. There is almost always some cheese in their lunch. My kids love cheese. If I buy cheese strings or babybels, those are their “treats”.

There is always some sort of fruit or vegetable in there too. Mostly berries and cucumbers because those don’t typically come home.


I’ll throw in an unsweetened applesauce, some cottage cheese or yogurt, maybe some pretzels and I usually have some homemade mini muffins (yes, with some chocolate chips) in there too.


They drink a lot of milk at home so they get water all day. They can refill it and if it spills in their backpack, it’s no big deal. Warm old milk smell? Ew, no thanks.

So there you have it! Sandwich. Cheese. Berries. Cucumber. Applesauce. Pretzels. Muffins. Water. I’m just like you. Doesn’t have to be fancy. Just has to be healthy and easy.

Want some other options? Warning: These are boring and won’t make any sort of Pinterest board but kids will eat their lunch:

  • Whole wheat tortillas with cream cheese and cucumber
  • Grilled cheese
  • Egg salad (with yogurt not mayo)
  • Veggies and hummus
  • Avocado
  • Whole grain crackers
  • Spicy baked chick peas
  • Fruit-cut it, don’t cut it…fruit is an awesome snack!
  • Smoothies!
  • Make-Your-Own Lunch with whole grain pitas, cheese and chicken
  • Leftovers!
What to avoid:
  • Packaged cookies (Bear Paws)
  • Packaged “lunches” (Lunchables-EW! You can do better!)
  • Pop of any kind
  • Fruit beverages (Even juice daily is a sugar hit…but the “punch” or “cocktail” is worse)
  • Chocolate dipped granola bars
  • “Fruit” snacks…how about real fruit?
  • Pudding
Ok, I know. You think I’m yelling at you and judging. I’m not. I want to help. You just don’t have to buy everything from the packaged aisle. Once in a while it’s great for the kids to have a treat, but everyday dessert? It’s unnecessary and it is not helping them focus in school. We all want the best for our kids and making them a healthy lunch is one way to show them we really love them. Save the treats for special occasions and fuel their bodies and brains.
If you don’t think they’ll eat, sometimes it’s better for them to take that time to adjust rather than give them total junk. Ask a teacher-they’ll agree. Proper food makes for better students.
Like I said, I’m not perfect. But I’m trying to do the best for my kids-and I know you want to do the same for yours. Make this their best year ever and give them the right food they need to grow and learn. They will thank you (even if it’s 20 years from now!).20150907_201645