Wet N’ Wild Toronto

wet n wild

My kids have always been water babies. I’m happy this is the way it is, but we have had some scary moments. My daughter is completely fearless when it comes to the water and always has been. She’ll jump in the deep end when you’re not looking and smile at you from the bottom of the pool. She has told me she could swim from the moment she could talk (I can SWIM Mom! I don’t need you!) Sky water We have worked on being safe around water and now she understands…and although she can swim, she still believes she is better than she actually is. Confidence is wonderful, isn’t it? Either way, all three of my kids have always been drawn to water. We have spent all of our summers in a lake, a pool, or a splashpad. Raine water chase water           Now that they’re getting a little older, splash pads aren’t holding their attention as long as they used to. They’re still fun-but not HOURS of fun like they used to be. They are more of a means to cool down on the way home from school. So I’m looking for different water-themed places we can go as a family that can hold their attention for more than a minute. Enter the BRAND NEW Wet N’ Wild Toronto located in Brampton. wet n wild My kids are going to lose their minds when we take them there. Did you know it’s officially open June 30th? EEE! That’s right. A BRAND NEW WATERPARK open THIS SUMMER. Don’t think because it’s in Brampton, it’s far away. It’s only about 30 minutes out of the city, which means you can be there when it opens and back in time for dinner. For starters, this is for kids of all ages. Although some of the bigger rides require certain heights, there is tons for the little ones as well. Definitely an entire day’s worth of fun.

Wet N’ Wild Jr.

This area has one of those buckets that will dump on you when you least expect it! Not to mention plenty of places to climb and spray and slide to your hearts desire! You could stay here all day!


Don’t worry-your kids won’t disappear in the Bermuda Triangle but they do have a choice of THREE amazing slides to twist and turn them, laughing all the way down. You can race down Cannonball Falls or Klondike Express, or if you’re up for a little more excitement, there’s the Kraken which is FOUR slides in one and Oh Canada!…not for the faint of heart, the bottom drops out and send you in a 360 degree loop!


wet n wild Caribbean Chaos, the Hurricane, Crazy Kanuck, the Typhoon, and the Polar Pipeline and Tropical Twister will all take you on a ride with a friend of the entire family as you ride a tube through twists, high-speed turns, and vortex loops!

Wave Pools

This wave pool looks MASSIVE and contains a half-million gallons of wave gushing fun for the entire family.

Chill Out

Does the sound of a thrilling slide terrify you? Chill out in Coconut Cove and relax while you bob to the waves or jump in a tube on the Muskokah Soakah and float your way through an entire river.

Zip Line

wet n wild Think that’s all? Nope. There’s also a zipline that will take you right over the park so you can view everyone having the time of their lives! This park has it all! I’m pretty sure we’ll be visiting this park quite a bit over the summer. Fingers crossed for some hot weather! How do you feel about waterparks? Will you be checking it out this summer? Maybe I’ll see you there!


We were able to go to the waterpark in August of this year and it did NOT disappoint! Although not all my kids are able to go on all the rides, it was still amazing fun! And the best part? A ride that accommodates a FAMILY OF FIVE! That’s basically unheard of!

I was able to race with my kids on carpets on the Klondike express, watch them go down a million different slides and scream with joy in Bear Footin’ Bay, and even go down some classic slides from my youth.

An amazing day for a family. I highly recommend this park if you have water babies like I do! My husband even made me do the “Oh Canada” ride that drops out from under you…so worth it! Smiles guaranteed.