W: Watermelon

My husband said I should do “Wine” for “W” and although I know there are health benefits to wine…I’m pretty sure watermelon beats it.

We’re getting so close to the end of this healthy alphabet. Thanks to everyone who has been reading along-this has been really fun on my end. I’m brainstorming what to do next…any ideas? We only have three weeks left! What will I do?!

So watermelon. A summertime favourite and childhood treat. Who needs candy when you can eat endless amounts of sweet and delicious watermelon?20150628_125609

Lately, it’s become a decadence for us grown-ups too. Foodies everywhere are transforming this melon into salads (with feta and mint! Who would’ve known? It’s delicious!!!) or making granita or martinis…it’s everywhere! And for good reason.

If your kids aren’t a big fan of other fruits, it’s ok-they’re certainly getting their vitamin C from this guy. And if you’ll remember anything from week “T”, you’ll remember that lycopene is good for you…and well, watermelon is chock full of it. W is also for “WOOHOO!”. So go ahead.

This is also a great option to quench your thirst. It’s not called a watermelon for nothing! It’s FULL of water and a great snack if you’re going to out in the hot summer sun all day. It’s also an excellent anti-inflammatory which means it can help with asthma, arthritis and various other diseases.

So grab a watermelon-any time of the day. Great alongside your breakfast, with a picnic lunch or after a delicious BBQ in your backyard.

20140608_105921And stay tuned for next week…what could I possibly do for the letter “X”? You’ll have to subscribe to find out!! Ok, not really, but subscribe so you don’t miss the delicious letters X, Y and Z! Happy Summer everyone!