V: Vinegar

20150621_193843Errr Mah Gerd, there is so much hype about apple cider vinegar these days. SO MUCH.

Have you heard? You should be drinking it…all the time! Bathing in it, soaking your feet, washing your hair, cleaning your clothes…maybe we should just sleep in a daily bath of vinegar!!!

Okay, that is a little extreme, but the hype isn’t necessarily wrong…and not only for apple cider vinegar (which yes, has multiple benefits) but ALL vinegars. It’s good stuff. By the way…yes-I have all those vinegars in the picture. I like it. I use it. It’s yummy.

Ever thought about using plain ol white vinegar to clean stuff? That’s because it’s ANTIMICROBIAL. That’s right, GET OUTTA HERE BACTERIA! Does the same thing for your insides too. Pickles? Bring em on.

Also, antioxidants. Ok, I know…here we go again with these ANTIOXIDANTS…but really guys, they’re important. Imagine you could keep rust from forming on your car (caused by, y’know, oxygen) by using something that can inhibit the oxidation of the iron molecules that are causing the rust. That’s antioxidants in your body. They can actually slow down the aging process of your cells by preventing oxidation. Come on-that’s a delicious way to stay young, no?

Do you have acid reflux? You’re probably staying away from vinegar but DON’T. Usually acid reflux is caused by too LITTLE acid in the stomach. Add some apple cider vinegar to a glass of water to help regulate the acid balance. It’s not going to hurt, and it could REALLY help.

So now you’re thinking…How has this super food just been sitting in my cupboard forever and I didn’t know??! Well, lots of new studies are happening everyday. And if you already use vinegars in dressings and on your foods to flavor them instead of salt and fat, you’re ahead of the game.20150621_193904

That does NOT mean salt and VINEGAR chips are good for you. I did NOT say that. Because they’re not. Don’t be silly.

All I’m saying is using a splash of vinegar (pretty much all of them) in your daily life is only going to help you.

One tip…ok maybe a few:

  • Go for the murky stuff. Think about REAL apple cider versus apple juice. Which is more natural? Which is better for you? The cider. Same with vinegar. It’s less processed…maybe not as pretty-but who cares?
  • Talk to your doctor if you’re taking medication. Vinegar is basically acetic acid and can potentially not mix well with other stuff.
  • If you’re putting it on your food in dressings and marinades, awesome. If you’re drinking it-water it down! Not only will it be easier to swallow, but you COULD damage your tooth enamel or, if you’re sensitive, your insides.

All in all, vinegar is amazing. If you’re thinking your food needs a little zing or your bathtub could be a little cleaner-look no further than your pantry.  Hip Hip Horray for VINEGAR!

P.S. This article is only the TIP of the iceberg of health benefits from vinegar.

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