Thug Kitchen ‘Party Grub’ Cookbook Review

By now, you’ve definitely heard of Thug Kitchen. If you haven’t, you MUST check them out. Not only are they hilarious to read (without your children around), they are also incredibly talented at making delicious delicious (yes, TWO TIMES delicious) food. Oh-and did I mention it’s all vegan? I’m mostly plant-based but I probably forgot because WHO CARES (Probably vegans)? This food is so amazing, no one, not even self-proclaimed carnivores, will miss the meat.


Anyway, they came out with their second cookbook which I preordered because I just knew it’d be super fantastic. And guess what? It IS. It’s called Thug Kitchen Party Grub (for Social Mother-F@ckers) and it’s all about party food. I’m social. So naturally, I had to throw a party.

I got in touch with the bad ass people at Thug Kitchen and they had this to say:

Dips are the perfect party food to make a little more healthy. People won’t notice that shit as long as they taste good and there’s plenty to go around. They’re too busy worrying if anyone saw them double-dip to notice that they aren’t neck deep in cheese anyway.”

So it just seemed right to choose three dips out of the book to guinea-pig on my guests: Artichoke Dip, Low-Fat Farmhouse Dip and the Butternut Squash Queso-ish Dip.

All three of these dips are easy to make. Not complicated at all, which is great when you’re planning a party. The Artichoke dip was AWESOME. I’m especially partial to artichokes so I was a big fan of this one. They said to serve it room temperature which is always a bonus…make and leave it on the counter. Okay. Super yummy. This one gets a thumbs up.20151107_153921

The Farmhouse Dip is their version of ranch without all the crap you normally find in that stuff. Mine turned out a little thinner than I usually like my ranch dressing…but then I put it on salad and it was perfect. Awesome! Dual purpose dip? Yes please.20151107_160316

The winner of the night-voted by everyone-was the queso-ish dip. I honestly didn’t think this one would get a pass from some of the guests! I specifically chose to serve this to a crowd of people whose tastes varied, and I was surprised by the reaction. Everyone RAVED about this dip and no one knew it was just full of veggies and no cheese. It had a nice heat, but nothing too crazy that would turn anyone away. Ding! Ding! Ding! Way to go Queso!20151107_153817

I highly recommend this book. And no, Thug Kitchen did not pay me, they didn’t even give me the book! I just appreciate good recipes that are good for you. And you can too-give yourself an early Christmas gift and get this one. It’s totally worth it. Stamp this HIGHLY APPROVED by The Nutritionnaire.