The Toronto Zoo

toronto zoo

This year my family received a membership to the Toronto Zoo as a gift.

Can I just tell you, this was the greatest gift?

I don’t love the STUFF we accumulate, so for my kids and my husband, we try our best to give experiences as gifts instead of things. We’re not totally cruel, if our kids really want a basketball or are crazy excited about a new lego set, we’ll buy it for a birthday or Christmas…but for the most part, we would rather spend time with our family and make memories rather than eventual garbage for the landfill.

Ok, ok, that was heavy. And cheesy. But it’s true!

As a family, we don’t do a lot of travelling. It’s just not in the cards right now (Hello hockey arena eleven times a week) so we decide to spend time together doing something OUT of our regular routine whenever possible. We’ve been to Medieval Times, gone Treetop Trekking, even run away and joined the circus! And you know what? My kids aren’t complaining about the toys they didn’t receive. They’re talking about what a fun time they had hanging out with their Mom, Dad and siblings.

toronto zoo

And I know this time isn’t going to last forever so I’m taking full advantage.

Enter Toronto Zoo membership.

We went to the zoo six times this summer…or was it seven?

We got up close and personal with the PANDAS. Panda cubs. That is all. They look so fluffy and roly poly, I just want to smush them (with love).

toronto zoo

The kids know about animals I had never heard of before going to the zoo. Himalayan Tar, Blue Wildebeast (did you know they can SMELL WATER?) and the Gower (Did you know Red Bull was originally called Red Gower? True story).

And thanks to the guide on the zoomobile, my kids now love to tell their favourite jokes…DAILY.

toronto zoo

Jokes I now hear every. single. day.

What does a panda use to cook an egg?


What do you call a bear with no teeth?

A gummy bear!

What do you call a three humped camel?


There are more. But I will spare you.

You know the most interesting fact that I learned at the zoo? Camels don’t actually spit. They projectile vomit. So gross.

Also, there is a rhino calf! And lynx cubs! And a very new zebra, and of course Juno-the funniest polar bear cub I have ever seen…the list goes on and on. It was a good year for animals at the Toronto Zoo.

toronto zoo

What I really loved about the zoo was the fact that my kids walked ALL DAY and didn’t even realize it. Oh sure, they were exhausted by the end, but they were running from one exhibit to the next, excited to see more animals! With three kids, you have to let them each choose at least one animal to see, and that’s pretty much your day.

Oh. And then the splashpad.

The membership is worth it just for the splashpad. Such an amazing way to cool down after a DAY of walking.

toronto zoo

Have you been to the SHOW at the Waterpark theatre? I swear an Eagle brushed my head when it flew over. It was AMAZING!

There is so much to see and do at the zoo that if you don’t HAVE to cram it all into one day, it’s the best. Pick one part, see everything you can, and plan to come back another day to see the rest.

HIGHLY recommended in you live in the Greater Toronto Area. Plus the best part is the zoo is open ALL YEAR ROUND. The only day they’re closed is Christmas (Santa’s reindeer are busy that day) so you can go on PA days, holidays, weekends, whenever-all year long!

toronto zoo

What is your favourite part of the zoo?