The Perfect Mother

perfect mother

There is so much controversy these days regarding “The Perfect Mother”. The “Pinterest” Mom, the stay-at-home Mom, the working Mom, the breastfeeding Mom, the attachment Mom, the non-attachment Mom…etc.  You probably think this is another post about a Mother saying how difficult it is to attain perfection, how I make mistakes, how I try to live up to the hype, but simply cannot. Woe is me. Wah wahh.

Well-surprise! I’m not going to say that at all.  In fact, quite the opposite.  I am going to tell you something SHOCKING.  I am the PERFECT MOTHER.  That’s right, you heard it here first.  I’m absolutely perfect.

Let me toot my own horn.  My kids rock.  Obviously.  That goes without saying.  What?  You feel the same way about your OWN KIDS?  Man, that’s weird…because how could your kids be anywhere as close to as good as mine?  Oh yah-because you’re looking at them through your rosie pink Motherly glasses.  And to you, they are the perfect little humans you created.

I remember being pregnant with my first child and having a horrible nightmare.  I gave birth to my baby and when they put it (we didn’t know the sex and my dream didn’t help) in my arms, it was…HIDEOUS.  I mean really ugly.  From that point on I was terrified that when I finally gave birth in real life, this thing would be something I just couldn’t possibly love.

Well surprise again!  THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE.  Once this baby boy was placed in my arms, I couldn’t believe the amount of love I felt…not to mention how ridiculously beautiful he was.  And after having two more children, it’s confirmed.  You can’t think your own children are ugly.  It’s actually physically impossible. Not that anyone could think my kids are ugly because they are stunning, but y’know.  I guess I’m slightly biased.

I am the perfect Mother because my kids are alive every single night.  That’s right-EVERY NIGHT. Take that! I am the perfect Mother because they wear clothes everyday…ok, well, SOME clothes  (possibly clean!) every day.  I am the perfect Mother because my kids have some sort of food AND liquid EVERY SINGLE DAY.  I mean it. Hard to fathom, I know.  But mostly, I am the perfect Mother because I am THEIR Mother. I am the perfect Mother for MY children. There is no one else who will love them more than me.  There is no one else who will think about them more than me…oh dear I hope not.  It would be disturbing if some stranger thought about my kids as much as I did.  Yuck.

And just as I am the perfect Mother, so are you.  All the Judgy-McJudgersons out there, making soon-to-be Moms feel guilty, just know that as soon as you have that baby in your arms, whatever you do is RIGHT. May not be right for everyone, but screw em.  You’re that baby’s Mom so you instantly know best.  My advice?  Go with your gut.  Stop reading books and just be the Mom that you know you are.  Don’t try to change to become something you’re not.  There is nothing wrong with trying something new or trying to be a “better” Mom for your kids.  But please don’t try to be perfect, just to appease someone else.  It won’t work and it’s not worth it.  No more guilt, no more judging.  Just be Mom.  Because being your kids Mom is the best!

P.S.  Your kids won’t remember anyway.