The Nutrition Revolution


If you’ve been following my blog, you know I’ve been doing challenges with a local school to promote health and wellness. It all came to a super successful close on May 19th with the school being featured on CP24 and I was able to give AMAZING prizes to kids who participated in the challenge (which was about 99% of the entire school-that was a lot of ballots!). This doesn’t mean the end of the Revolution-NO WAY! The Food Revolution goes on all year, and we can all help to be a part of it.

It all began with infused water.

How simple is that? The entire school brought in their water bottles filled with fruits and vegetables! Why infused water? If it tastes better, you’ll drink more! And we need to make sure our kids are hydrated throughout the day-but not with sugary drinks like pop and “sports” drinks. Water will always be the best thirst quencher!

infused water

Next, we all made a healthy pasta salad thanks to Chickapea pasta.

They donated enough pasta for all 300 students to take some home! This chickpea and lentil pasta was the perfect base for some yummy creations which so many brought in for lunch (including teachers!). We wanted to make sure everyone knows there are more options that are healthy for lunch. We just need to brainstorm some new ideas and get creative!

pasta salad

Last (but of course, not least), was the healthy breakfast challenge.

Students were able to come in to school and tell their teachers all about what they ate for breakfast and why they thought it was nutritious. I was so impressed with some of the different options kids came up with on their own. Those kids are smart cookies!

healthy breakfast

On May 19th, so many kids had participated in these challenges, I was bursting with Maverick pride. 35 lucky kids were drawn from a hat to be at the school at 6:45 in the morning (and there were no complaints!) to be on TV!

CP24 Breakfast came to German Mills Public School to tell Toronto all about our Nutrition Revolution. We spent the morning making smoothies, parfaits, and a healthy greek pasta salad. Everyone participated and had a blast! There wasn’t a single growling stomach in the room.

A lot of the students were able to be on TV and some spoke to what they had learned throughout the month of challenges and I was moved by their level of understanding at such a young age.

Nutrition Revolution

You can check out all the CP24 clips here.

Childhood obesity is a real problem and we can be part of the solution. Little by little, making simple changes and being AWARE of what we’re eating is the first step to becoming a healthier society. It’s not about changing everything all at once, but knowing what we’re putting in our bodies and taking the time to eat real, whole food.

Teaching our children is the greatest way we can make a difference. Being an example and educating ourselves is important. That’s why this revolution means so much to me. I have young kids and I make sure to include them in our healthy decisions but I’m careful not to overwhelm them either. It’s all about balance.

The Nutrition Revolution Assembly was a wonderful moment for me. Kids were engaged, happy and so excited to talk about food! There’s nothing I love more so I was equally (if not more) excited as well. Well, Freggie was a pretty big highlight too. He’s the “Half Your Plate” mascot…made completely of fruits and veggies. He was there all day! How awesome!








Not only did SO MANY kids walk away with awesome prizes from Treetop Trekking, SkyZone Vaughan, LegoLand, UBeLivinSmart, Mama Earth Organics, and Ambrosia, but EVERY SINGLE CHILD in the school left with a swag bag full of goodies from MadeGood, Patience Fruit & Co., SunButter, Eat Right Ontario, Foodland Ontario, Watermelon Board, Manitoba Harvest, IronKids Nutrition, LoveChild Organics and Half your Plate donated bags for all the kids to take everything home.


I could not have done this without the help and generosity of all these amazing (and health promoting!) companies. How awesome that these people want to help kids achieve a healthier lifestyle? And these KIDS that all participated! They soaked up all the information and really made this happen. Also, the teachers supporting me and all the parents helping their kids make healthy food at home, thank you. This is the stuff that really fires me up and keeps me going in my profession. I know I’m doing the right stuff when it makes me this happy!


It was a lot of work and I had a lot of help but I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. What an amazing event, and the start to an amazing Nutrition Revolution! Let’s start getting ready for next year! Who’s with me?

Well, I know Freggie is.