The Balance in Moving

balance in moving

We recently moved to a new home.

Did that stress some of you out? I know, it’s a lot of work to move! Plus with three kids in tow…it can be incredibly stressful.
But we did it…and retained our sanity. How?

Well, BALANCE. Not only in the foods we eat (because even though we’re moving, I can’t eat take-out every night) but also in the time it takes to get things done.

I know I preach balance a lot in my articles, but I truly live by it. Burgers and beer were definitely had on moving day, but we made sure to shop for fresh foods to have on hand the next few days. Balance.

I would love to wake up tomorrow and have all my pictures on the wall and everything organized neatly in every drawer…but I know it will take time. Once again, balance. Knowing it won’t happen all in one day keeps me calm and stress-free. Because I know we’ll get there.

So how did we manage to make it work without losing our minds?

Well, the first thing we did was make sure the kids rooms were as set up as possible (beds made, toys available, etc.) and the kitchen was functional. Maybe not COMPLETELY ORGANIZED but functional and we had some essential foods in there for us to eat if we’re hungry.

This made the first few days much easier, as the kids had snacks when they were hungry and we could make some easy meals. Plus, being able to put the kids to bed at the end of the day without trying to piece together a bed frame was KEY. And they had a safe place to play throughout the day while we unloaded boxes in other areas of the house.

Easy things to accomplish, but without a plan, it can be daunting. Happy kids = Happy Home. Make sure they’re good to go. And yes, they watched some TV while my husband and I got some important things done. But now that we’re almost finished, TV is a treat. It’s summertime! They can play outdoors or with their toys! Use their imagination! Like I said…balance…

balance in moving

What else did we do?

We made lists. I started to work on one room, then I would go upstairs and begin something there, I would get hungry and come downstairs and work on the kitchen…I didn’t have a plan. And I was getting stuff done but felt like I was accomplishing NOTHING.

So we walked through every room and wrote down what needed to be done. We FOCUSED. And when we started to feel scattered, we would make another list, and another. I don’t know about you guys, but crossing items off lists makes me REALLY HAPPY.

And you know what?

We’re really happy in our new place. Pictures are slowly going up, items are being changed around to make the flow better, but ultimately, it’s all coming together and we absolutely love it. I think we’re going to be very happy in our new place.

Have you moved recently? How did it go? Are you planning to move? How do you feel about it? I would love to hear all about your moves and any tips you have!

Happy summer everyone! Get outside and stay balanced!