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Create a “Kid Zone” this September and Be Happy.

Part of back-to-school is getting organized. Getting back into the routine of sleeping, eating, and figuring out where all this stuff is going to go, am I right? The backpacks, the extra shoes, the extra coats, the agendas, the workbooks, the lunch bags, the water bottles, and of course…those permission slips that are never where […]

Change Picky Eaters into Adventurous eaters *Video*

picky eater video

Do you have picky eaters at home? “Picky” Eating can be one of the most frustrating food struggles parents will face. Sometimes you’ll have a voracious eater that all of the sudden stops eating. Grrr. Sometimes you’ll have a great eater in one food group, but it will change week to week. That can make grocery […]

5 Tips to Get your Kids in the Kitchen *VIDEO*

TV appearance with kids

Moms and Dad everywhere UNITE! I know it can be daunting to get your kids in the kitchen. Everyone has to be in the right mindset, and you have to be prepared…or do you? This video has five tips and tricks to help you get your kids in the kitchen. Having them in there with […]