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Whole Wheat Yogurt Coffee Cake

coffee cake

Whenever I have people over to my house, I make banana bread or coffee cake or some sort of sweet treat. I also make loaves of goodness when I go visit friends, when there’s a potluck, or I know someone is stopping by-even for a minute. This infuriates my husband. He walks into the house […]

Hangry Bars

nutty butter bars

My kids are rushing here to there and everywhere in between. Our “down days” consist of 2-3 hockey practices and probably a birthday party and a play date. If we don’t have anything scheduled after 7:00PM, we consider it a “Family Night”. Bedtime is 8:00. I’m not complaining. We’re busy just like every family is […]

Classic Granola Recipe

classic granola

I have been making this granola for years and years and years. I even packaged and sold it when I lived in Petawawa. It was SUPER POPULAR and I often give it as a gift. But I never gave out the recipe…why? Well, it was one of those recipes you just want to keep close […]

Chocolate Hemp Butter

chocolate hemp butter

Chocolate for Breakfast. Yah, you read that right! YES PLEASE. You know that chocolate spread you see on TV that claims to be just full of milk and nuts and oh-so-healthy for you as part of a balanced breakfast? It’s malarky. Just saying. The first ingredient is sugar and you can’t spin that any other […]

Baked (but not baked) Beans

baked beans

I never grew up eating baked beans. I discovered them, as a lot of people do-as a convenience food in a can, full of yucky high fructose corn syrup and salt. International superstar They’re popular in the U.K., eaten as part of a full breakfast. Delicious, but usually made in a sugary tomato sauce and […]

Cashew Energy Balls

cashew energy balls

The Holidays are upon us and with that comes PARTIES. and UNEXPECTED GUESTS. Am I right? Don’t get me wrong, I love parties (YAY PARTIES!) and I actually do love unexpected guests EXCEPT for when they show up and I’m in my jammies or on my way to a hockey practice with the kids, or […]

Chipotle Maple Corn on the Cob

maple chipotle corn

I admit it. I’m one of “those” people. You’ve seen them. At BBQs, cottages, fairs, or rib-fests around the city… You know who I’m talking about. The ones eating ALL THE CORN. They chow down like they’ve never had corn before, claiming “it’s the BEST CORN EVER!”, making strange grunting noises while they eat. That’s […]

Rich Beet Chocolate Cake

chocolate beet cake

Happy Birthday to me, Happy birthday to me… Birthday = cake. Right? Well, because it’s my birthday tomorrow and I’m feeling generous (plus I hit 500 followers on my facebook page WOOHOO!), my gift to you, my loyal and wonderful subscribers, is the recipe for this delicious, moist, ridiculously fudgy, rich chocolate beet cake. It’s so so […]

Red Quinoa Salad

quinoa salad

Quinoa used to be so trendy and now it’s a staple in everyone’s kitchen. Am I right? Everyone is so “over” quinoa. But don’t stop eating it! It’s amazing! Quinoa is full of protein, fibre, iron, vitamins…I could go on…but let me tell you this: Quinoa is a COMPLETE PROTEIN. This means it contains all […]