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If your house is anything like mine, it’s constantly full of Lego. New creations are always being built, and I’m consistently terrified of stepping on tiny little pieces of jagged squares of plastic. RIP A photo posted by Steve ™ (@steve) on Sep 29, 2016 at 4:35pm PDT Honestly, it’s like pain worse than childbirth. […]

Run Away and Join the Circus!

shrine circus

Did I ever tell you about that time that I almost joined a circus? I was backpacking across Australia (longer ago than I would like to admit) and I saw an ad for a horse groomer (and camel groomer and goat groomer) for a travelling circus…and I thought: “This could be a FANTASTIC way to see […]

Riverdale Farm

riverdale farm

If you live in Toronto and you’ve never been to Riverdale Farm, you’re doing yourself a sincere disservice. There is a FARM located RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE CITY. It’s the coolest thing. And not just a “oh look, this is where a farm USED to be”…it’s a real, working farm. With animals and […]

Free Fun with your Kids

bike riding

The air is warm, the flowers are coming up, we can finally fire up the BBQ and stand beside it while the food cooks instead of running inside and setting a timer so we don’t forget our food is outside. I love this time of year. The kids come home from school and we immediately […]

Medieval Times!

medieval times

April is a very celebratory month in our household. It’s my birthday, my daughter’s birthday, my Grandma’s birthday…it’s a great month. I’m turning 35 this year, my Grandma is turning 94 and my daughter will be four. FOUR. Wow, time is flying by. This year, we thought it would be fun to celebrate these special […]