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Kale and Navy Bean Veggie Burger

kale and navy bean burgers

I’m sort of obsessed with veggie burgers. I’m constantly trying new recipes, and sifting through cookbooks to find a tried-and-true recipe. I have found some that I absolutely LOVE, but my husband is not a big fan. And he’s got to like them because what’s the point in making a veggie burger only one person in the […]

Chipotle Maple Corn on the Cob

maple chipotle corn

I admit it. I’m one of “those” people. You’ve seen them. At BBQs, cottages, fairs, or rib-fests around the city… You know who I’m talking about. The ones eating ALL THE CORN. They chow down like they’ve never had corn before, claiming “it’s the BEST CORN EVER!”, making strange grunting noises while they eat. That’s […]

Seasonal and Local: June

farmers market

June is the month when the weather really begins to warm up and we start thinking about barbeques, eating outside and fresh, local produce. It’s still too early to find corn and tomatoes at the side of the road, but asparagus is still in full swing and now we can add some other delicious fruits […]

Potato Salad with Avocado Dressing

avocado potato salad

This isn’t your Mom’s potato salad. Nope, this is your new favourite. No mayo, no oil, no dairy, no wheat, no soy, no egg, . Also no objections, no complaints or any refusals. This one’s a keeper. Now I’m not saying the potato salad that includes sour cream, mayo, bacon, cheese and egg are BAD […]

Red Quinoa Salad

quinoa salad

Quinoa used to be so trendy and now it’s a staple in everyone’s kitchen. Am I right? Everyone is so “over” quinoa. But don’t stop eating it! It’s amazing! Quinoa is full of protein, fibre, iron, vitamins…I could go on…but let me tell you this: Quinoa is a COMPLETE PROTEIN. This means it contains all […]

Summer Quinoa Salad

We have made the move. From small town to big city. And I couldn’t be happier. I have been wanting this move for years and it’s finally happened. FINALLY! It’s almost surreal. So now that we’re home, naturally, we want to see all of our friends. And when they come over, it’s so nice out, […]