Starve a cold, feed a fever? Or is it the other way around?

chicken soup


Just nope to all of it. I don’t know which one I’m supposed to starve and which one I’m supposed to feed, all I know is I have one child who has a cold, one who has a fever, and if they’re hungry, I’m going to feed them. This article says “recent medical science says the old saw is wrong. It should be “feed a cold, feed a fever.” Sooo, basically…I’m with science.

To me, what is more important is WHAT I feed them.

Of course all they want is popsicles, juice and ice cream. Is that what they’re getting? Partially.

This is one occasion where I will give me kids juice. Straight up juice. This is because when my kids are sick, they don’t really eat (and I can yell “FEED A FEVER” as much as I want, if they’re not hungry-they’re not eating). This is pretty much the only sugar they’ll get out of me though. Because if they’re crushing juice, it means they’re feeling better and then the juice train stops. When they’re sipping one glass of juice all day…yup. They’re sick. So they’re allowed.

I understand the need parents have to feed their child whatever it is that they want because they’re sick and you want them to eat, but giving them cookies and sugary foods may in fact, hinder their healing.

You know what they need? Chicken soup. Not the canned stuff. Not the stuff out of a box. Boil up a chicken or buy some bone broth and let the healing begin. In my house, it’s called “Magic soup” because it really is magical. And delicious.

chicken soup

If you want the recipe for my magic soup, leave me a comment below and I promise I’ll get it to you. You can start now by boiling chicken bones for an entire day. Otherwise, I’m sure most of you have someone in your family with a magic soup recipe of their own. I would love to know your secrets!

This is how I’m getting rid of this final cold and fever in my house. Feed a fever, feed a cold, as long as it’s the right stuff.

If no one in your house is sick, you can always make this orange soup ( no oranges included) until the spring weather finally arrives! And to AVOID the silly cold naturally, check out my tips here.