The Nutritionnaire

Apple on headIt’s time to bring fun into the kitchen…

My goal is to get your kids (and you!) to try and like new foods. To help prepare meals and eat them without complaining. To help you grocery shop. To WANT to be in the kitchen with you. For your whole family to have fun. Basically…

I want your kids in the kitchen.

And I want YOU to want them there.


Combine my expertise as a Nutritionist with my love as a Mom to three amazing kids, and you’ve got the drive and tools you need to grow healthy, happy kids.

I don’t believe in cutting anything out of your daily life. Do you like pasta? That’s fine. Kids like cookies? GREAT, mine too. Let me help you take the foods you know and love and transform into a healthier version that your family will devour (and love to help you make).

I’ll send you emails chock-full of “family-friendly” recipes and easy tricks to bring everyone into the kitchen in a fun way. I’ve got a ton of fast and furious weeknight recipes for you on your way out the door. In a rush in the morning? I’ve got some awesome make-ahead breakfasts. Love dessert? Do I have some goodies for you!!

Why should you listen to me?

I’ve been a Nutritionist and a Mom for seven years. I appear regularly on Rogers Daytime York Region as a local expert on all things relating to kids and nutrition. I write a nutrition blog for Erica Ehm’s Yummy Mummy Club and have been featured in numerous online publications and print such as Today’s Parent. I also teach cooking class for Loblaws Cooking School as well as work with school-aged children right in their classrooms.

TV appearance with kids

I’m not here to preach or judge. I promise. I’m here to help. I’m not going to make you stop eating meat or begin your juicing adventure. I want you and your family to find balance with what works for you in the healthiest way you can. We owe that to our children, don’t we? Let’s start incorporating more nutritious foods instead of concentrating on taking out the bad ones. Soon enough, you’ll all be eating so well-there won’t be room for the nasty stuff!

Your family deserves time together. Moments to remember having fun together. That time can be in the kitchen! Any time of day, any day of the week. Bring in your children, take a breath, slow things down. Or speed them up and get to what you’ve got to do! I’m a Mom. I understand how it goes. I know you’re not going to be making Marinara sauce together from scratch every day! But if your children are asking to help make scrambled eggs, that’s a win for so many reasons. We should nurture that love of food and contentment in the kitchen.


As a Nutritionist focusing on family nutrition and founder of The Nutritionnaire, Seanna Thomas helps families get their kids in the kitchen while integrating more nutritious foods seamlessly into their lifestyle. She is a regular expert on Rogers Daytime York Region, has been published in numerous online and print publications and is a Nutrition blogger for Erica Ehm’s Yummy Mummy Blog. Her popular blog posts provide people with an opportunity to get their weekly fix by offering food, family and kitchen tips in a fun and engaging way. Seanna’s passion is infectious and her steady dedication to family health, nutrition and most importantly, FUN, is everlasting.