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Hello and welcome to The Nutritionnaire! If you’ve got a family-you’re in the right place.

Psst! A family can be made up of anywhere from two people to ten people, and beyond! My site will help make your life easier, no matter what your family looks like.

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Hi, I’m Seanna Thomas, Holistic Nutritionist. I’m about increasing the health of your family. This can happen in many ways.

I’m here to help you turn your “picky” eater into a voracious and adventurous one.

I’m here to give you, Mom (and I see you too Dad!), some ENERGY. I’m here to help you with meal planning so you don’t have to buy take-out all the time. I want to simplify your food life.

I want your kids to grow up learning about and loving nutritious, real foods. Not “kid food”. Doesn’t that sounds great?

That said, NO JUDGEMENT. We’re all figuring this out.

I’m a Mom of three kids. I wasn’t always healthy-but I realized once I had kids, that this whole journey wasn’t just about me anymore. We’re a family. We’re in this together. So why can’t the ONE THING we do EVERY SINGLE DAY also be something we can do together?

kids in the kitchen

Cooking, preparing meals, eating…it’s all in the kitchen. And we can do this as a family. Let’s bring fun into the kitchen! You can do this. I’m here to help. I can make things easy and healthy.
Please don’t think that because I’m a Nutritionist that I don’t eat dessert. In fact, I LOVE DESSERT. You can’t cut everything out of your diet. You have kids. That’s pretty much impossible.
It’s all about balance. Especially when you have kids-I get it. I’m in this too. We don’t have a lot of time in our day to spend with our children. Let’s make the time we do have valuable, important, and memorable.

Ultimately, my goal is for YOU AND YOUR KIDS to be comfortable making, eating and appreciating food so when they aren’t kids anymore-they are healthy, knowledgeable adults (that can make something that doesn’t come out of a box). But I’m also about fast and easy meals so you can get dinner on the table STRESS-FREE.

And I do this all while having fun. Who doesn’t like fun?

Sound good? Great!

Let’s get started.


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Have an awesome day! I look forward to connecting with you in the kitchen!

Stay balanced,