Souping vs. Juicing

I hate juicing.

I’m not saying there aren’t any benefits, because clearly there are. Lots of extra fruits and vegetables are AWESOME. I’m just saying most people do it wrong and wonder why they feel like crap. And why they’re hungry.juicing

You will lose weight. Because you’re not eating any food. But here’s why I feel it’s a terrible way to lose weight:

Your body needs fibre. It needs it. You can’t live on complete and total liquids and I believe anything that is temporary isn’t worth it. If you try a trendy diet and it works for a bit but you can’t live your life without Food Type A or Food Type B that is removed completely from your diet, it’s not going to work and you’re going to put that weight back on. Or your skin will start to break out again. Or whatever.

I know there are perfectly healthy diets that integrate juicing into a daily and healthy lifestyle. I know this, guys. I know all about it. It’s possible. But you know what I’m talking about-the extremists…the people who want a quick fix…they think juicing is the answer!

I tried it guys. And I even tried it the right way. Integrating juice into a healthy lifestyle to try to reap the benefits of added nutrients. I even saved all the pulp so I could make other foods with all that delicious and nutritious fibre. I did it. But when I was gagging and choking back my beet/celery/too much stuff I didn’t want to drink juice, it was over. I didn’t enjoy it. At all. I gave it a good go.

Now, I am all for extreme diets for extreme results. Are you a body builder? Are you working out like crazy? Are you an Olympian? Do you have a life threatening illness or disease? Sure-go for it. Be extreme. But do it supervised, and only continue if you actually FEEL GOOD.

Here’s why I like souping: Soup is delicious. Soup is versatile. And soup is full of vegetables and sometimes fruits and you’re getting all the nutrients and fibre AS WELL as the juice.soup

Just blend up your favourite combo of veggies and you’re going to feel FULL and you’re going to feel awesome. And bonus side effect? If you’re making healthy soups (not full of cream, butter, salt or sugar), you’re probably going to A) lose weight B) have more energy C) have glowing skin D) FEEL BETTER…and the list goes on.

Make a big batch of soup and you can eat it for dinner, take it to work for lunch, serve it to guests, feed it to your children…you can’t do all that with juice. It’s so fussy. You know what isn’t fussy? SOUP.

You know what you can blend in a soup? Just like juice, pretty much anything. Except soup is delicious with garlic and onions. I can’t imagine that makes a scrumptious juice.

If you’re looking to start souping, you can try my Butternut Squash Soup, or my Fresh Tomato Soup! There is also this awesome recipe for Everything Soup (a great way to clean out your fridge).

Try it out and let me know what you think and how you feel. Oh-and if you didn’t know, I’m pro-soup. And a Soup-pro…if I do say so myself.