September: The New January


I’ve been talking about this a lot with my clients and colleagues lately and it seems to be true. Do you agree? Is September the new January?

September has always been centred around “Back to School” and focused on kids, but in recent years, doesn’t September seem to be a time for everyone to press the restart button?

I know it is for me.

Summer is a time to relax, let loose, and maybe let go of the reins for a bit when it comes to our diet, our exercise plan, and routine.

I know we eat more food cooked on a BBQ or picked up at a farmer’s market, meal plans go out the window and those nights I was going to go for a run? Well-friends invited us over to go for a swim so…yes, I’ll have a glass of wine instead.

And that’s ok!

Balance is key to enjoying life. If you’re too strict and it makes you unhappy-it’s NOT WORTH IT.

That said, when summer is winding down and coming to a close, there is something very appealing about getting back on track, or back to a safe routine that we know works.

I have three kids, so for me, that looks a lot like packing backpacks, lunches, and getting to bed on time. Plus my work schedule changes when all the kiddos are at school and is less flexible.

For others, it might be staying in on weeknights, planning breakfast the night before, or getting back to the gym.

Whatever it is for you, I think September is a great time to introduce new “resolutions” instead of waiting until January and here’s why:

It’s Still Light Out


dog walk

It’s much easier to stick to an evening walk when it’s still light out after dinner. In January, when we usually make resolutions, I pretty much want to crawl into my pyjamas and eat mashed potatoes anytime after 5:00PM because it’s PITCH BLACK. But when the sun is still in the sky at 8:00PM-yes, I’ll go take my dog for a walk around the block.

Fresh Produce


There is no better time to start eating a little better and changing things up. Fresh produce is bountiful at this time of year and you can pick it up fresh from a market, farm, or your local grocery store. Food just tastes better right now! If you want to start eating more salads, I would start NOW and not in the dead of winter…just saying.


There is something about the summer air that is just motivating. Want to try something new? Now’s the time! Plus it’s a lot easier to rally up a crew to do it with you when it’s warmer out. Hello Frisbee Golf at the park!

Getting Ahead of the Game


January is over four months away. Start making small changes now and you’ll be WAY ahead of the game by January. By then, all you’ll have to do is tweak a few things here and there and you’ll be so much closer to the goals you set for yourself.

Also, there shouldn’t be one time of the year that is set aside for making changes to better yourself. We should all be doing this year round. Living a balanced life with a check-in every now and again. That’s why I think September is great time to do this.

Check-in with yourself. Could you make a small change this week? Next week? Once a week?

Don’t do everything at once. Choose one small and simple change and set yourself up for success. The more smaller success you have, the more likely you are to succeed BIG TIME.


So…what do you think? Is September the new January? And are you going to take advantage and make a change? If you want some help, or a little nudge in the right direction, I’m here to help!

Leave a comment below and tell me what changes you’re going to make this year!