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Holiday cooking! There’s lots of holidays to prepare delicious seasonal goods for, and the Nutritionnaire will give you healthy recipes and tips for preparing these goodies for kids and families to feast upon! Check out our newsletter for more!

What is with KID’s MENUS?

kids menu

What is with the kid’s menu at restaurants? Why are the options always chicken fingers, pizza, or butter soaked white pasta topped with cheese? And sugar, sugar, sugar? Why do restaurant chains believe that children have no taste buds? Or sense of adventure? Listen, my kids LOVE the kids menu. They love grilled cheese and […]

Chocolate Hemp Butter

chocolate hemp butter

Chocolate for Breakfast. Yah, you read that right! YES PLEASE. You know that chocolate spread you see on TV that claims to be just full of milk and nuts and oh-so-healthy for you as part of a balanced breakfast? It’s malarky. Just saying. The first ingredient is sugar and you can’t spin that any other […]

Vegetable Lasagna


I’ve raved about pasta before. It’s no surprise that we eat pasta usually once a week. I have three kids and they will eat pasta which means I don’t have to deal with any fighting or complaining. We eat the regular spaghetti and meatballs, mac and cheese, rice noodles with veggies…the usual stuff. But it’s […]

Maple Spiced Nuts

Maple spiced nuts

Oh nuts. I don’t know about you, but Christmas always reminds me of sitting on the floor when I was a kid and breaking open a bunch of nuts with my parent’s big silver nutcracker. My Mom always had a HUGE bowl of walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds…whatever was around at the time. My brother and I […]

Baked (but not baked) Beans

baked beans

I never grew up eating baked beans. I discovered them, as a lot of people do-as a convenience food in a can, full of yucky high fructose corn syrup and salt. International superstar They’re popular in the U.K., eaten as part of a full breakfast. Delicious, but usually made in a sugary tomato sauce and […]

Cashew Energy Balls

cashew energy balls

The Holidays are upon us and with that comes PARTIES. and UNEXPECTED GUESTS. Am I right? Don’t get me wrong, I love parties (YAY PARTIES!) and I actually do love unexpected guests EXCEPT for when they show up and I’m in my jammies or on my way to a hockey practice with the kids, or […]

Kale and Navy Bean Veggie Burger

kale and navy bean burgers

I’m sort of obsessed with veggie burgers. I’m constantly trying new recipes, and sifting through cookbooks to find a tried-and-true recipe. I have found some that I absolutely LOVE, but my husband is not a big fan. And he’s got to like them because what’s the point in making a veggie burger only one person in the […]

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