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Think you and your kids don’t have time for a healthy, balanced and adventurous breakfast in the morning? Think again, and try some of the Nutritionnaire’s secrets to brilliant breakfasts! Want more? Sign up for our newsletter!

The Secret to Perfect Steel-Cut Oatmeal

steel-cut oatmeal

Did you wake up with good intentions this morning? The good intentions to eat right, and start your day off with the mighty-fine whole grain goodness of steel-cut oats? I don’t blame you! These oats are better than the rest. They are minimally processed so your body takes longer to digest them, keeping you fuller, […]

A Healthier Hollandaise


In the past, whenever I would go out for breakfast, there was nothing better than Eggs Benedict. Perfectly poached eggs perched on grilled peameal bacon, sitting atop a crispy buttered English muffin and all smothered in hollandaise sauce. I mean, come on. The PROBLEM with eggs Benedict is this: In the sauce alone, there is […]

Monkey Milk

monkey milk

We all have those items we feed our kids without even thinking twice. Mine is monkey milk. This all began years ago when my kids were very young. They would want a snack in the afternoon, and I can’t remember if they didn’t WANT to eat fruit ir if I was just trying to incorporate […]

Blueberry Muffin Smoothie a.k.a. The Cement Mixer

cement mixer

It was a rainy day in Toronto, when I was craving something sweet and bright for my breakfast. BLUEBERRY MUFFINS! And then I thought about everything I had to do that day…and thought…SMOOTHIE! And that’s when the sun peaked through the clouds and said “Combine them!”. Ok, the sun actually didn’t peak through the clouds, […]

Food Revolution 2017: Challenge #3


I’ll keep this one simple. Challenge #3 is a Healthy Breakfast Challenge. Kids who eat breakfast tend to eat healthier overall and are more likely to participate in physical activities — two great ways to help maintain a healthy weight and keep their developing brains happy. Skipping breakfast can do all sorts of damage, not […]

Diner-Style Breakfast Potatoes

breakfast potatoes

I could eat breakfast three times a day. No problem. It’s my favourite meal, hands down. I mean, there are so many options! Eggs, fruit, oatmeal, cereal, pancakes, toast, smoothies…it’s endless, really. But sometimes, after a late night out or on a lazy Sunday morning, you want a greasy breakfast. The kind you can only get only […]

Pina Colada Green Smoothie

green smoothie

Don’t tell me you’re sick of green smoothies!! I promise, this one isn’t too full of vegetables. Seriously, Promise. I’m not a big fan of the ones that have an entire cucumber or cilantro blended into them. I like my smoothies with fruit. That’s just me. And a lot of other people. Why are green […]

Breakfast Smoothies


As you know, I love to bring my kids into the kitchen. They especially love making breakfast which I am 100% encouraging because once I’m comfortable with them making breakfast, that means I DON’T HAVE TO MAKE BREAKFAST. Don’t get me wrong, I love making food for my kids (really, I do) and they’re more […]

Classic Granola Recipe

classic granola

I have been making this granola for years and years and years. I even packaged and sold it when I lived in Petawawa. It was SUPER POPULAR and I often give it as a gift. But I never gave out the recipe…why? Well, it was one of those recipes you just want to keep close […]

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