Pour Some Sugar On Me

coffee sugar

Are you thinking about cutting down the sugar in your diet?

It’s a great idea.

Sugar is the “new fat”…and I really don’t believe this is a trend. Sugar is being linked to cancer, depression, diabetes, obesity and many more illnesses and diseases.

And the BEST PART is we have total control over it. We can cut down our sugar consumption all on our own and be healthier…pretty much instantly!

So, you stopped putting sugar in your coffee, tea, or cereal, you don’t drink pop and you’ve cut down on dessert. AWESOME!

Here’s the scary part…sugar is sneaky. Or I should say, companies are sneaky…they put sugar in everything.

Even salt.

Yes-even salt. Check out this label:sugar in salt


This is why we should all read our labels. Sometimes there is sneaky stuff in there that you would NEVER think would be included in the ingredient list. We have to be informed and that, just like lowering our sugar consumption, is up to us.

If something is processed or packaged, the chance of sugar being in the ingredient list is higher than if you buy something that doesn’t have a label. And I’m talking refined sugar here-not natural fruit or dairy sugars.

Items that contain ADDED sugar that might surprise you: Condiments, breads, pasta sauce, loads of “fat-free” items like salad dressing, store bought smoothies, flavoured yogurt, cereals, crackers, energy bars, and so many more…

Please read the labels or ask questions! You have a right to know what you’re putting in your body!

I am not suggesting you start drinking sugar-free pop or buying sugar-free snacks. Nope. In fact, I believe that drinking sugar-free pop actually tricks your body into thinking it’s getting sugar and then when it doesn’t, you still crave the sweet stuff and can binge on more afterwards. Stick to water, and real whole foods as much as possible. Nourish your body and keep the sugary stuff for occasional treats.

If you have any questions or want help cutting down your sugar intake, contact me for help! It’s all about balance, and I’m not a fanatic. I eat sweets occasionally and I’m not an evil Mom, my kids have treats as well-we just need to find the right balance to be as healthy as we can. There are options.

If you’re looking for a sweet treat at the end of your day, this chocolate pudding recipe or these cookies will help you stay on track-with no refined sugar! Good luck!