Oh She Glows Every Day Cookbook Review

oh she glows

I love the Oh She Glows cookbook.

And when I heard Angela Liddon was coming out with another one, I was so excited! I mean, I can honestly say there was not a single recipe that I made from her first book that I did not like. And come on guys, it’s a WHOLE BOOK of recipes…and sure, maybe I didn’t make them all-but her track record is really, really good. I mean have you tried her LIFE AFFIRMING Nacho dip? It did just that. Affirmed my life. Also I fed it to my friends who are big meat eaters and they DEVOURED it. If that’s not a winning recipe, I don’t know what is.oh she glows

I cracked the pages of her new “Oh She Glows Every Day” cookbook and savored each and every word. She’s realistic, and for me, her ingredients aren’t far fetched or hard to obtain. It’s real food. This book is about “quick and simply satisfying plant based recipes”. Right up my alley. And probably yours.

So I picked a few recipes to try, expecting them all to be amazing. I had high hopes.

I picked her raw cashew butter, coconut “bacon”, crispy smashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, and (omg) Peanut Butter Lover’s Chocolate Tart. I could have gone on and on, but I needed to share this with you!! The smoothies are amazing, but she’s known for her smoothies. STRONG SMOOTHIE GAME. Trust Angela when it comes to smoothies or smoothie bowls. YUM.

And out of all the recipes I made, only one wasn’t really my favourite. But it was other people’s favourite, so….still a win?

Let’s get to them:

Raw Cashew butter

Now, this isn’t really a RECIPE as a staple she provides as the ingredient is “cashews” and the directions are “blend”. But, reading this certainly got me off my ass to make some. And then I did. Mission accomplished. Also, cashews are delicious and I’m happy to have this readily available to slather all over pretty much everything. She recommended making this in a food processor. I used my blender because I wanted to see if it could do it…listen to Angela and use the food processor.

Coconut bacon

oh she glows

I’ve been wanting to make this for a while. This is one part of another recipe that includes roasted brussel sprouts. In the past, when I ate more meat than I do now, brussel sprouts and bacon were a dinner table favourite. And how could they not be? This…does not taste like that. And she doesn’t claim that it does! But is it delicious? Yes, yes it is. The coconut bacon gives brussel sprouts (or any vegetable you decide to sprinkle this on) a wonderfully salty flavor with a little crunch. It’s awesome. Thumbs up.

Crispy Smashed potatoes

oh she glows

Does smashing potatoes make them taste better? According to everyone I served them to, the answer is yes. The potatoes are boiled, smashed and then baked with some spices. They become nice and crispy on the bottom and are EXTRA SUPER delicious when topped with her avocado aioli. A little extra work, but worth it in the end. ALSO, I could probably eat an entire pile of baby potatoes regularly, but when they’re smashed, for some reason, I only needed about three. It’s all about presentation.

Sweet potato casserole

oh she glows

Now this one I made because it was Thanksgiving and I love the idea of having sweet potatoes on the table. Whether they’re mashed, scalloped, stuffed, wedged, or in a casserole…I love the colour and nutrition they bring to a feast. So this was an obvious choice for me. HOWEVER…as much as I love the natural sweetness of this vegetable, I don’t really love when more sweetness is added. I don’t love the marshmallow toppings or when maple syrup is added (as it is in this recipe)…plus I found the crumble to be much more like a dessert than a side dish for dinner. THAT SAID, I am only one person. And I know my sentiments are not shared across the dinner table. This dish was easy to make, smelled amazing and presented well, but it was too sweet for me. I appreciate this dish, but it was not my favourite.

peanut butter lover’s chocolate tart

oh she glows

Speaking of dessert…this is where I don’t mind a little sweetness. This tart comes together very easily. It takes some thought (leaving coconut milk in the fridge overnight and freezing it for 4-6 hours) but it is well worth it. Simple ingredients. Delicious outcome. This one was a hit with everyone, my kids, my family, my neighbours! And there’s still more left because all you need is a sliver. This tart is so ridiculously decadent, it could serve a crowd of twenty. SO GOOD.

I’m still working my way through this cookbook and I know I’m going to make way more recipes in here. What I can tell you, is she is true to her word. These recipes are quick and simply satisfying. If you’re looking for a cookbook with great recipes, simple strategies, and some staples you want in your fridge all the time…this is a great resource!

I’m so happy to have this book in my collection! Do you have this book? What is your favourite recipe?