Ready to transform your mealtimes?

Ready to Transform your health? Your Family’s health?

With Family Food Transformation, you’ll be prepping, eating and enjoying dinners stress-free with your family.

Family Food Transformation recipes have been kid- and family-tested over and over so you and your kids will eat more nutritious foods. Yes, that’s MORE VEGETABLES.

You will save time, money and have a no-stress attitude when it comes to making nutritious meals for your family.

Everything was made with a busy family in mind!

Waking up, rushing out the door?

There are recipes for grab and go breakfasts.



Packing lunches, going to work?

Scoop salads are perfect for the lunchbox or office.



No time to make dinner? Yes you do!

 Recipe after recipe of easy to make, delicious, and SUPER nutritious meals you can make with your family or make ahead of time!

The best part? It’s all DONE FOR YOU. A grocery list and 7-day step-by-step plan for the week so you don’t have to worry about what to prep the night before, or take out of the freezer before you leave in the morning.

“That’s exactly what I need!”

In Family Food Transformation, you get 20+ recipes, all geared towards busy families. That includes favourites such as mac and cheese, blueberry french toast, and breakfast cookies. Yup. Cookies for breakfast (It’s okay Mom, they’re healthy!).

Family Food Transformation will save you three times over: You’ll save money by no longer needing to pick up takeout on the way home; you’ll save time, by not having to think about what to make for breakfast, lunch, or dinner; and you’ll save your family from a nasty relationship with food.

Teaching your kids about real, whole foods is important. Nurture a healthy relationship with eating and eating well.



"But my kids are totally picky!"

No worries. My kids go through phases too. You’ll get my Picky Eater Guide with NINE tips that you can start implementing today.

Ok…maybe it’s not the kids that are picky…That’s ok too!

You’re in the right place. You’re ready to make a change and this is the best way to do it. Whether you’re getting the Family Food Transformation for yourself or your family, everyone will benefit from eating more nutritious and homemade foods.

You can do this.

Family Food Transformation makes it easy.

“I can’t believe my kids asked for seconds!”

Family Food Transformation is a guide to help busy families find balance.These recipes are full of the nutrition you and your children need to grow and focus daily. Big changes may not happen overnight. But I can tell you, your kids WILL eat more vegetables once you’ve been through all the recipes in this package.

Did you read that right?​


Everything is digital so you’ll receive the entire package right to your inbox!


You can start using the Family Food Transformation TODAY, even if you don’t plan to shop until next week.

You can start implementing the Picky Eater Guide or use my Healthy Swap Chart to start making a list of items to replace once you run out.

Get ready to TRANSFORM how your family eats. You won’t believe the little changes that will increase your energy, and make you feel AMAZING. Your kids will be happier too.

Knowing what you’re making for dinner means less fighting at the dinner table. Everyone knows what to expect and looks forward to eating a delicious meal. And trust me, these meals are delicious.


Fights, stress, rushing around, feeling awful, no energy


No stress, happiness, family time at the dinner table, ENERGY!

When you snap up the Family Food Transformation, you’ll get:

20+ Recipes including

  • Breakfasts you can grab and eat on your way out the door
  • Lunches you can make the night before
  • Dinners with family favourites such as mac and cheese, taco nights and chili
  • Don’t worry-I don’t leave out desserts!

And there’s more!

Healthy Swap Chart

You don’t need to make all the changes right away. As you run out of something on this list, just replace it with the healthier option. It will be such a gradual transition, your family won’t even notice!

Picky Eater Tip Sheet

No two kids are alike. I have three and they’re all different. But one thing I can tell you is they ALL EAT the recipes in the Family Food Transformation. But if your kids are hesitant, use some of the options in this guide to coax them into trying new foods and in no time, they’ll be eating more than ever before!

Grocery List & 7-day Step-by-Step Menu Plan

No time to flip through the recipes and choose the ones you want? No problem. I did all the work for you! Grab the grocery list and go shopping. It has everything you need for a week’s worth of meals for your family.

PLUS the Step-by-Step Menu plan gives you everything you need to prep and cook your way through a week without having to think twice.


Still have questions? No problem. I’ve answered the most common ones here. But if you still have more, that’s great!

You’ll be asked to join the private Nutritionnaire Community on Facebook where you can ask me questions ANYTIME. And even once you’ve made all the recipes over and over again, you’ll have LIFETIME ACCESS to the community-and I’ll always be checking in!

Family Food Transformation is your first step to a healthy family. You’ve decided to make a change. Why not include the most important people in your life?

Jacqueline Mother of three

Before utilizing Family Food Transformation, I had no energy to cook for my kids. It was takeout all the time. Now I love all the food in our fridge-and there’s always something to eat!

Lucy Mother of two

Thank you for creating the Step-by-Step Menu plan! I loved knowing exactly what to prep the night before so it was done for me when I got home from work. So simple.

Suzanne Mother of two

I can’t believe how easy all the recipes were to follow. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be hard!

You want to be a healthy family.

No stress.

I’ve done all the work so you don’t have to.

More time.

Come home, cook food. Move on with your life.

More money.

Save takeout for a special occasion. Nourish your family with real food.

Are you ready to transform your family?

  • 20+ Recipes
  • Healthy Swap Chart
  • Picky Eater Tip Sheet
  • ​Grocery List
  • DONE FOR YOU 7-day Step-by-Step Menu Plan
  • FAQ