My Favourite After School Snacks *Video*

after school snacks

When kids come home from school, it’s the perfect opportunity to load them up with some nutritious after school snacks.

They’re hungry, they’re tired, and they’ll happily eat what’s put in front of them…or mindlessly eat what’s made for them. Same thing.

Either way, it’s a great way to divert the grumpy zone that can easily kick in quickly when they’re hungry. Sometimes waiting until dinner is not an option, and you want to be sure they’re not grabbing an unhealthy snack to tide them over.

Having fruit readily available and in a place they can see it is an excellent option. Fruit is the perfect snack. Great for grab-and-go and it’s pre portioned, sweet, and comes in it’s own packaging.

Another favourite of mine is a veggie tray with hummus. This way, they can snack on real, whole foods and when dinner comes around, it doesn’t matter as much if they don’t eat all their veggies because they’ve already loaded up on them beforehand!

I have some other favourites that only take a minute or two to put together and they’re all in this short video. I hope you enjoy it!

What are your favourite after school snacks?