My CSA this Week…


I have joined a CSA.

What’s a CSA, you ask?

If you thought “Cult. For sure it’s a cult.” You would be wrong.

It’s a Community Supported Agriculture and it basically means I give money to a local farm to support them and in return, they provide me with a basket of deliciously fresh and local goodies every week (for 20 weeks).

They usually begin around now, and I am so excited to be a part of this one from Coopers Farm.

The benefits of eating local are immense. You’ll often hear me say I would rather eat local than organic and that’s because local food generally has more nutrients and flavour than something that has come from the other side of the world, no matter if it’s organic or not.

Plus I love to support Canadian farmers! They’re amazing-and having a relationship with a farmer is something that is truly incredible. I plan on taking my family to visit the farm this summer…stay posted for that blog!

So…what do I get in my CSA? I get a double order every week which means I get a LOT of vegetables (we like our veggies around here) plus I hate food waste so I’ll let you know what I plan to make with all of it!

4 heads of lettuce

lettuceI plan on eating a lot of salad in the coming week, which is great because I HAVEN’T been eating very much salad lately. As the weather gets warmer and I get creative with my dressing and salad ingredients, I tend to love them more and more as the summer progresses.

2 bags mushrooms

mushroomsI have to admit…I’m not. fan of mushrooms. I like the flavour of mushrooms and I’ll eat them if I have to-but they’re not my favourite. They’re pretty much one of the only vegetables I don’t like. I try them every year, different kinds, and they just don’t do it for me. Might be a texture thing-I don’t know. But my husband LOVES them…so I’ll probably sautéed up an entire bag to go on burgers or eat in a wrap and the other ones will be eaten raw on veggie trays with hummus or in a salad.

2 bok choy

bok choyI will be making a stirfry and adding this crunchy and leafy vegetable to the mix. Maybe twice. There’s a lot of it!

2 bunches of rhubarb

rhubarbOh the things I could make with RHUBARB! We used to be able to pick it from my neighbour’s garden because they didn’t like it but they had the most enormous rhubarb I’ve ever seen. As much as I’m all for the root to tip eating of food these days, stay away from rhubarb leaves, they’ll make you sick.



That said, I will most likely make my Coconut Rhubarb Cake, maybe some stewed rhubarb for my Mom (MAYBE MOM), and the kids have been asking for a dessert, so I think a strawberry rhubarb crumble would be fantastic right about now! Or maybe I’ll get creative and you’ll see a new recipe on the site soon!

A TON of potatoes

potatoesA lot of people avoid potatoes when they want to eat a healthier diet. I’m not entirely sure why this is-maybe it’s because they’re so delicious that portion control is the issue? Maybe it’s because they believe they’re truly unhealthy but the fact is potatoes contain a lot of nutrients. We just have to be careful what we put ON potatoes. Avoid the butter, sour cream, cheese, bacon, or a ton of oil-and potatoes are a great food.


I’ll probably roast mine, make some potato salad, potato soup, or make some of my yummy scalloped potatoes. Still trying to decide…although I could probably make it all-I have so many!

4 bunches of asparagus


One of these bunches is already gone. The kids like to eat theirs raw with hummus and Andrew and I blanched the rest of the bunch and squeezed lemon on top. So fresh and delicious!

I also love asparagus in this spicy Asparagus and Edamame salad. Not too spicy, it’s a make ahead salad that is great for a BBQ.



Are you part of a CSA? Do you shop at your local farmers market? What’s your favourite local food? I’m excited to create new recipes and let my kids explore new and exciting foods this summer.

Happy eating!