Merry Christmas!

Sometimes Christmas is a happy time. Sometimes it can be a sad, reflective time of year. It’s different for everyone. I, personally, LOVE Christmas. Lights make me smile and watching silly Christmas movies over and over again make me so happy (but make my husband GROAN). Christmas is for children, and there is something really magical about this time of year. Seeing children BELIEVE. It’s just awesome. But Christmas is also for adults. Reminding us of the simple things. Giving. Spending time together. Eee-only a few more days!
Whatever Christmas brings you this year, I hope there is at least a little bit of cheer (but really, I hope there is a LOT!)

Merry Christmas to everyone who has supported me this past year and who continues to read this blog. I am truly humbled by everyone’s words of encouragement. This continues to be a very fun project!

I do this to keep my mind from turning to mush, but also-for you! So thank you.

Have the best holiday. See you in a week!



From my family to yours.

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