Medieval Times!

medieval times

April is a very celebratory month in our household.

It’s my birthday, my daughter’s birthday, my Grandma’s birthday…it’s a great month. I’m turning 35 this year, my Grandma is turning 94 and my daughter will be four. FOUR. Wow, time is flying by.


This year, we thought it would be fun to celebrate these special days by going with our entire family of five, plus my parents to MEDIEVAL TIMES!! (Sorry Grandma)

I mean, who doesn’t want to celebrate by cheering on knights and horses while eating with their hands? Right? RIGHT.

Honestly, I think I was more excited than the kids. It was SO. FREAKING. AWESOME. Not only that, but this was the ONE SHOW I did not find myself ever saying: “Sit down.” or “It’s almost over.” or “The show is THAT way.”

Sunday afternoon. Won’t be too busy, right? WRONG. It was a packed house! I thought it might be slightly empty, but wow-the excitement was tangible. Everyone in there was celebrating and so pumped for the show. Lots of princesses and knights showed up to the party (adorable). It was really, really cool. Oh-and we got the King’s Royalty Package. Thank you Medieval Times. Front row is SUPER FUN! Although I have to say, I don’t think there is a bad seat in the house.

medieval times

Before you even go in to the arena, you’re left to drink
(and they really want you to drink) and try tomedieval times ignore your children’s puppy-eyes as they ask for glowing swords, knight costumes, t-shirts and princess hats. It’s difficult. That stuff is awesome. You can go see the BEAUTIFUL Horses and visit the dungeon for a small price. Be careful though-you have to get by the dungeon master! I asked my son if he wanted a picture with him and before I could even finish asking the question, the answer was a very loud “NO!”. He WAS pretty scary.

We all got crowns to show we were cheering for the red and yellow knight, had our picture taken with the King and my daughter got a sticker that said: “I RULE! It’s my birthday!” and someone slapped one on MY crown as well…

As we headed down to our seats, we saw banners, programs and great big mugs for us to drink from. No utensils!

medieval times

The food was great! Tomato bisque (dragon blood soup), half a chicken, corn on the cob, half a potato, garlic bread and of course, “Pastry of the castle” (a butter tart). Delicious-the kids loved it, although to my surprise, they were NOT big fans of eating with their hands. They must get that from their Dad. Wet wipes were provided so everyone survived.

medieval times

Our poor wench (even though they said it was okay to call them that, it still felt weird) was BOILING hot. She was running around like crazy, getting us our food (which was also VERY hot-they know what they’re doing) and drinks. Those wenches (honestly, do we have to call them that?) work very hard! Bring cash for tips!

THE SHOW WAS AMAZING. These are talented knights and horses. There is falconry, jousting, horsemanship…a captivating plot and history. My kids did not take their eyes off the show-not once. Okay, maybe to scream in my ear: “Did you SEE THAT??” The girl behind us was screaming: “FINISH HIM!”…I think she maybe has watched too much game of thrones…

medieval times

Throughout the show, the knights give flowers to the dames in the audience. My daughter was firm in the fact that she did NOT want one. But when it came time to choose a Queen of the Tournament…well, there she was! Our red and yellow knight chose this birthday girl to give his sash, and he even signed it for her after the show. *swoon*

medieval times

The Chancellor also announced Skylar’s birthday and brought her a scroll to bring home. That’s official stuff right there.

My boys just wanted to see the sparks flying from the sword fights and the knights falling off their horses in EPIC BATTLES! It was so well done. Don’t let their faces fool you, they had the BEST time.medieval times

For Family Fun, it really doesn’t get better than this. Pure entertainment, a great dinner and home by 7:30. I would go to this show again and again. I highly recommend it…for any age!

medieval timesmedieval times






medieval times







Medieval Times provided my family with tickets for this event, but all opinions are ABSOLUTELY 100% MINE. I would go back in a heartbeat.