Meal Planning and Fresh City Farms

fresh city farms

Do you ever come home and wish your dinner prep was done for you?

Or do you wake up and just want someone else to make you breakfast?

You know that taking your lunch to work is a healthier option than going out and picking up fast food…but do you have time to make anything in the morning?

These are common problems in our world that have easy fixes. One fix is to PLAN your meals ahead of time. That’s right: meal planning. Here are some steps to follow to get organized:

Choose some meals you would like to eat.

This can include getting input from your family. What meals would your kids like to have? Look through some cookbooks with them and pick a few SIMPLE and healthy meals you can realistically make on a weekday. Let your family and your kids help you (this will ensure less complaining later on if they get to choose some meals!).

Look at your weekly schedule.

See when you have time to make meals at home. The nights you have hockey practice, ballet, swimming, playdates, PTA meetings, etc., are NOT the days to make a complicated meal. Those are the nights for “Breakfast for dinner” or crockpot meals.

Make your grocery list

Once you know the meals you’re going to make, and which nights you’re going to make them, make your grocery list. AND STICK TO IT.

prep time

Once you’ve got all the food you need for the week, prep and organize yourself. Have your weekly menu on the fridge so everyone can stop asking you: “What’s for dinner?” This way, you can wake up, look at your list, and take things out of the freezer or put things into a crockpot…you’ll be on top of it.

Keep it simple.

And make sure you have nights open for leftovers or on the craziest nights-takeout. Be realistic! Be balanced. You can do this.


Sometimes even the best intentions just don’t cut it and you have to outsource. What do I mean? Get your healthy options from a quality source (not a fast food restaurant or pizza parlour).

BUT SEANNA…does this even exist?

You bet it does. And they deliver to your door!

Fresh City Farms is this amazing organic grocery and meal delivery company in Toronto using only quality ingredients and fresh, local food (when possible).

They were kind enough to send me a bag of goodies containing two ready made and frozen smoothies, two ready made salads in a jar and all the PRE-PORTIONED ingredients for two fabulous recipes (directions included) that my husband and I devoured. To my doorstep, guys. My doorstep.

fresh city farms

No measuring, no shopping, everything in one bag.

SO AMAZING, right?

I love to be in the kitchen and try to make as much time as I can for healthy meals but sometimes even I can’t make it all happen. This is an awesome option and I really wanted you to know about it.

They didn’t pay me to say that, I promise. All opinions are my own…and I was super impressed. My husband thought the meals were delicious too-full of fresh veggies and even some meat options as well. And all for less than you would pay per person for take-out.

meal planning

This photo does NOT do this meal justice…

If you’re thinking about getting fruit or veggies delivered, they do that too. The smoothies, salads and recipe bags are something you could add on to those weeks that are super crazy busy! But no commitment-stop whenever you want. LOVE THAT.

No matter how you plan your family’s meals, try your best to incorporate protein and fibre into every meal. Fruit and veggies as much as possible! Do your best. Leave the guilt behind.

If you need any more meal planning tips or are looking for some simple family recipes, contact me anytime. I’m here to help! Or you can always join my Nutritionnaire Community on facebook for meal ideas and fun conversation. See you there!