M: Miso

Most people are familiar with miso as a soup in Japanese restaurants, but miso itself is an amazingly healthy food and can easily be consumed on a regular basis for multiple health benefits.

Plus it’s YUMMY.

Photo courtesy of: ©SchoolPhotoProject.com

Photo courtesy of: ©SchoolPhotoProject.com


Miso is fermented soybean paste. Mmmm, I know-it just SOUNDS delicious, right? But remember-if something is fermented, it’s full of probiotics! And if you know me, you know I love to talk about the benefits of probiotics! A healthy person starts with a healthy gut. Probiotics are an easy (and delicious) way to promote a healthy gut flora.

I know, I’m really selling this miso…fermented…gut flora…

But listen-a warm savory bowl of miso soup really warms the belly and is SO easy to make! You don’t have to follow any particular recipe, either. Add what you like. Consider a bowl of miso soup as a blank canvas. I’ve done the traditional soup-with some silken tofu, nori and green onions. But I’ve also added butternut squash, some leafy greens or just rice noodles.18eat_stockmarket-slide-QMQT-articleLarge

Don’t like soup? That’s cool. You can smear some miso on your favourite lean meat and bbq it! Or add it to roasted vegetables. You can blend miso with tofu and lemon juice and top a baked potato. It’s also excellent in salad dressings.

The uses of miso are endless. Be creative! Your body will thank you.

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