If your house is anything like mine, it’s constantly full of Lego. New creations are always being built, and I’m consistently terrified of stepping on tiny little pieces of jagged squares of plastic.


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Honestly, it’s like pain worse than childbirth. Have you seen the videos on YouTube of guys running on a treadmill and they throw LEGO on it? OMG…it’s my worst nightmare.

ANYWAY…needless to say, my kids love Lego. They have made some pretty impressive stuff. Serious Master Builders. Maybe they’ll be architects one day…

Ok, back to reality.

If your kids like Lego, then they probably also like the Lego movies and shows that are available. They have Superheroes and Ninjas, and crazy lions and alligators…Lego has really thought of everything. They have quite the empire to keep my kids entertained.

And Lego has been around forever-it’s so classic! I love that my kids are able to use their imagination and play together.

And now LEGOLAND exists. As if they needed another outlet for playing with Lego. Have you ever been? It’s AMAZING.

If you haven’t, make sure you read this entire post because you’ll have a chance to win a Family Pass to LEGOLAND Toronto! Woohoo!

So it all begins as you walk through the “factory” and kids get to push buttons and see how Lego is made. They can step on a scale and see their weight in Lego bricks-it’s a super fun start to the trip.


Then you get to go on a RIDE! Yes, this place is way bigger than I thought. It’s basically a little amusement park INSIDE (Can you say P.A. day/rainy day fun?)

On this ride, you can shoot bad guys and try to get a high score. Warning-they totally take your picture while you’re concentrating really hard, I got some great shots of my sticking out my tongue or yelling…super attractive.

After that…and this part may surprise you…there is SO. MUCH. LEGO.

Kids can make anything they want! Plus they have a section where you can build something with wheels and test it out on a big track. Some of the adults (including me) were super impressed with  the cars these kids were building. Never would I have thought of these things!


I don’t want to give it all away, but there’s more stuff to do. They have sections for younger kids, older kids, plus a café where you can buy very reasonably priced food and sit and have lunch if your kids will let you take a break.


Oh-and my favourite part? The movie theatre. it’s 4D. It’s SO COOL. They’re rotating through different Lego movies all day long so you can catch them all! They’re nice and short, under 20 minutes so even the shortest attention span will be able to focus on these movies.


Creativity is so important and we need to nurture this in our children. Creativity using lego, toys, their imagination, or in the kitchen, whatever you allow them to do-is one of the greatest gifts you can give them. Kids need to explore and create!

So…who wants to go to LEGOLAND?

Well, lucky YOU-I’ve got a Family Pass of four tickets to LEGOLAND Discovery Centre in Toronto. If you want these tickets, all you have to do is sign up for my newsletter!


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