Kids and Cookbooks

cook book

The first step to getting your kids in the kitchen is getting them INTERESTED.

You’re not going to win anyone over forcing them into the kitchen with liver and onions right off the bat.

Here’s what I love to do. I grab one of my favourite cookbooks, sit with my kids and give them each their own coloured tabs. We flip through each and every recipe (lots of pictures is a plus) and for every recipe they want to make or try, they put their tab on it!

We had to buy more tabs.

This is one of my favourite cookbooks: How to Feed A Family

cook book

It’s amazing. Not only are the recipes nutritious, but the photos are beautiful, the words are inspiring and the food is DELICIOUS. All in all, I highly recommend this book. If you know someone that is pregnant, buy them THIS BOOK. It will change their life. They need it. You need it. Every Mom needs this book! It’s. just. AWESOME.

Ok, so we know I’m a superfan of this book.

What really makes me such a fan? The fact that my KIDS are fans. They open the book and look for their tabs to find recipes they want to try. And they TRY-try new foods-all because we sat down with a new book for a little while. And it was fun!

This is step one to getting your kids in the kitchen. Entice them with a recipe they THEY choose, that THEY want to make.

Here’s what Ceri Marsh (one of the amazing writers of this cookbook and sweet potato chronicles) had to say:

There’s no doubt that getting your kids into the kitchen with you yields results. Kids are more likely to eat food they have a hand in preparing. But I think parents can feel overwhelmed by the pressure to have their kids cooking with them and I get that. When you get home from work and everyone is hungry and probably cranky, the last thing you want to do is start negotiating who gets to stir and who gets to chop. And I think it’s important to say that the real key is getting kids involved in food. So maybe that means that your kids help you meal plan for the week (I ask everyone in my household suggest at least one dinner per week) or go to the grocery store or market with you. Maybe they set the table. And maybe on the weekends, when you’re not so time-pressed, that’s when they’re actually in the kitchen with you.

kids and cookbooks

They’ll happily come in to the kitchen, look for the ingredients, and HELP. It’s kind of magical in a way.

If you’re not so inclined (as in…you don’t bake), steer them in the direction you want. Give them a cookbook that YOU’RE comfortable with…and let them choose.

They want to cook a lamb shank? GO WITH IT.

No matter what, take a deep breath, make sure you’re in the right mood, and let the mess happen. Because you know it will. Bring out all the right tools, get out all the ingredients. And HAVE FUN. And then do it again, and again, again.


Oh…and one last thing from Ceri…

That’s a great thing to teach kids – make something over and over until you don’t need a recipe at all. Actually, that’s something we should all do!

Tell me what you’re making in the kitchen this week-or better yet, flip through my blog and let your kids choose something they’d like to make. I hope you’ll share with me all the wonderful disasters creations you make together! I can’t wait to hear all about it!

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