Are your kids goofy?

hop on pop

My daughter called me a goofball yesterday. And I said “Thank you”.

Sometimes I feel like all my time with my kids is spent disciplining and getting them dressed, brushing their teeth, making sure bags are packed, making them dinner, telling them no, putting them to bed…you know how it is.

But when my kids look back at their childhood, I want them to remember fun times with the entire family. Wrestling with Dad and making faces with Mom.


There will always be squabbles, and fights and discipline…and it’s SORT OF my JOB to make sure they’re dressed and clean and fed. Ughhh RESPONSIBILITY can be so LAME sometimes.

But can I be goofy with my kids? OF COURSE. I want us to laugh every day. A day isn’t complete unless I’ve heard each one of my kids laugh. Which kind of day do I want my kids to remember? What do I want to remember?


The more happy memories we make, the more happy memories we’ll have. I’m realistic. I know certain things have to happen daily. We can’t live in rainbow-butterfly-marshmallow land all the time. But sometimes we all need to take a deep breath and realize that our kids are funny little goofballs and they won’t be like this forever. Let’s laugh at the little things with them and appreciate their goofiness…encourage it, and join in.

Make a fort. Make a mess. Make a puppet and put on a show!goofball

It’s cliché, but it’s true: the time we have with them is short. They grow up so fast! I doubt my daughter will want to sing goofy songs with me when she’s a teenager. But you never know…!

Let me know! What the goofiest thing you’ve done with your kids lately?