I: Inca Berries

As we move along with this healthy alphabet, some letters are going to be more difficult than others. “I” was one of the more difficult letters. I could’ve done something healthy other than food, but I stumbled upon these berries and HAD to include them in the alphabet.

Inca berries go by many names. Whatever you call them-golden berries, aztec berries or Peruvian cherries, these little sweet and sour orange jewels have some serious health benefits. They look similar to gooseberries but are not related. They’re actually part of the nightshade family! And no, nightshades are NOT bad for you. Including them as part of a healthy rotation of veggies in your diet is a great way to change things up and include different vitamins and minerals.

Inca berries are full of vitamin A, C and B vitamins. Nothing too fancy as far as berries are concerned. But these also contain vegetable protein and believe it or not-melatonin!

Melatonin is naturally produced in our body and helps us regulate our biorhythm. Getting a little more at the right time can be helpful in promoting a good night’s sleep.

Image from www.fmpmarketing.com.au

Image from www.fmpmarketing.com.au

These berries are pretty enough to decorate a cake, sweet enough to include in a morning fruit plate or evening fondue. They’re much easier to find dried and are an excellent addition to any trail mix.

Unfortunately due to where I currently live, I could not find a fresh or dried version of this fruit! I had so many recipes planned out in my head…oh well! Check out a pinterest page of wonderful inca berry recipes or find them online and get inspired.