How to love Winter

I wish I could actually tell you how to love winter. I really wish I knew…because I would love to love winter. But I don’t. I’m trying though…this year, I’m really going to try. REALLY HARD.

Living in Canada makes a person APPRECIATE winter…but not necessarily love it. Summer makes you appreciate the fresh air of winter in your lungs and big warm scarves around your neck while winter makes you want to move down south somewhere beautiful and summery all year long. Ugh. Winter. And it’s coming.

Now, I know, as Canadians, we’re not supposed to complain about the winter. So I’m going to stop. Even when the temperature drops below -40 and my face hurts when I walk outside. I mean, really. Why do I live somewhere that makes my FACE HURT? Ok, enough. Embrace winter. EMBRACE IT.426398_10151326652320006_1593854693_nI grew up in Toronto, so I have to say, growing up I didn’t experience a really cold winter…that I can remember. It is possible I blocked it out of my mind. It was cold, sure, but I remember playing outside for hours on end and being “chilly” maybe. The WORST was getting snow in between your mittens and the inside of the cuff of your winter jacket. That was the WORST.

I moved to Petawawa seven years ago. For those of you that do not know, Petawawa is nestled in the middle of the Ottawa Valley, right along the river that divides Ontario and Quebec. It is beautiful here, there are nice trails, parks and oh yeah, it’s SO FREAKING COLD. I have a friend that was born and raised in Ottawa and he always told me I didn’t know what winter was really like…well, he was right.

The first year week we moved here, there was a blizzard that the Ottawa Valley hadn’t seen in decades. I could not see the house across the street for the snow. Seriously. I cried. I sat on my couch, in my new home, with my new puppy, and cried and cried and cried. Am I pathetic? Or do you all shed a little tear too?

But that had to stop. Crying wasn’t going to solve my winter problem (not that winter is a PROBLEM…see? I’m already changing my ways!). I always say: “The only thing you can change is your attitude”…which was SO true in this case.

So…we started snow shoeing and skating…and then I got pregnant and I wasn’t confident enough to continue skating…ANYWAY…that’s all over now. And this is the year. I’m really going to embrace it. Get outside, every day…and (gasp) LIKE winter. Well, try anyway.


As for now, before the snow flies (well, I’ve actually already seen snow, but nevermind), I’m going to enjoy the last few weeks days of sun. Every day that I can, I’ll go for a nice fall walk. Breathe in the cool (but not cold) air, enjoy the sun streaming in through the trees, wear a sweater (not a sweater over four other layers plus a winter jacket, scarf, mitts, toque and boots…with big woolly socks) and enjoy the crunchy leaves under my boots. I love crunchy leaves.20141022_155655I’m going to enjoy the progression of fall to winter this year and make the best of it. Because there is nothing I can do. It’s coming. And the only thing I can change is my attitude, so I’m going to change it. So there you have it! How to love winter? Just love it! I’m going to be positive…and I’m going to try my HARDEST to say good things about winter and have fun in the snow.

You know, unless, it’s like, SUPER cold and gross. Then I’m going to stay inside. But I promise I won’t cry. Much.