Hockey Hall of Fame

hockey hall of fame

If you are visiting Toronto and have a little (or big) hockey fan, you’ll definitely want to check out the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Or, if you’re like me, and lived here basically your entire life and have never been…now is the time! It’s SO COOL. I can’t believe I never went before!

But now I have two little hockey players, with my third about to play in the fall. This is the perfect place to escape on a super hot summer day or right in the middle of winter/hockey season!

Located in downtown Toronto, this is the home of the Stanley Cup, amazing hockey memorabilia and FUN GAMES for the kiddos. And did I mention the Stanley Cup?

My son’s hockey team had the awesome chance to go down and explore everything the Hall had to offer. They were able to shoot the puck, be a goalie, and call the plays on the Sports desk. So awesome.

hockey hall of fame

hockey hall of fame

There is a lot of history wrapped up in this place. So much to read about and so much to learn! Too bad I was with a gaggle of 6-7 year olds and couldn’t read A THING.  Hmmm…this could be a great place for a date with my husband…we could actually take our time wandering down the halls and taking in all the information…oh, I make myself laugh. DATE NIGHT! Pffffffff!

hockey hall of fame

Nonetheless, it was a fabulous time spent with these kids and they enjoyed every minute. Could be slightly overwhelming to some kids as there is a lot to see and do. But if you give yourself a lot of time and don’t rush through everything, it could definitely be a great half day of hockey entertainment.

Oh yah-there’s even a 3-D movie! But I have to say, I think my favourite thing was the Sportsdesk…but my kids are just learning to read and that teleprompter goes REALLY FAST!

hockey hall of fame


Sorry, I know I keep dwelling on this but it was AWESOME. I always envisioned it kept locked up or behind glass or something, but nope. The kids could touch it and take pictures with it, as long as they didn’t try to lift it up.

hockey hall of fame

If this is something you think your kids would even MILDLY enjoy, it’s worth it.

Oh…and something pretty cool I DID manage to learn…if you look in the background of the picture above…see the little red ribbons hanging off some of the pictures? Those men not only played in the NHL, they also fought in a war. Like one of those careers isn’t enough!!! INSANE! Can you even imagine?

This place was very inspirational and educational. A fun day through and through. Plus they do birthday parties…so…I imagine I’ll be back here pretty soon.