Healthy Party Snacks (You can buy!)

party food

So it’s the middle of winter and you want to throw a party…tonight.
First of all, I love your spontaneity. Can we be friends? I probably can’t come to your party, because well, I’ve got kids and hockey and dance and swimming and stuff, but an invite would be cool.

Parties need food. Here’s where I come in. It doesn’t all have to be CRAP. You don’t need to go out and buy greasy gross chips and nasty dip.
This is 2016.
You can still go out and buy all the stuff you’re going to need…but now there are CHOICES.
Much better choices!

party food

First, let me tell you about my party rule. Things can get out of hand really, really fast. If you start getting all fancy and trying to put together too many snacks, you’re going to be in the kitchen all night instead of hanging out with your awesome friends. Friends, I might mention, that could make it to your place on a Monday night, you crazy party animal!

My rule: Stick to three.
THREE MAIN SNACKS. Keep it simple and you can refill every once in a while with your backups. Easy peasy.

Now, a bowl of chips or nuts doesn’t count here. You can throw those all over the house for people to nibble. But things that may take an effort DO count. And a party without food is lame so pay attention.

Veggie tray. I know it sounds like a buzz kill, but there is something for everyone on a veggie tray. Go nuts with the different kinds of veggies or buy the ones that are already cut up into wicked awesome bite sized pieces. In fact, just buy the whole veggie tray.
But make sure you get hummus (or make this one) instead of that ranch/sour cream stuff. You don’t need it. Trust.

Something warm/hot.BBQ sauce
You could buy something out of the freezer section here and that would be alright. If that’s the plan, I say go for meatballs and top them with an awesome sauce. You could easily make your own too. Up to you. Keep them in a crockpot. DONE.

Another hot item that is amazing and people LOVE it, is a slider bar. Your friends can make their own little burgers-you can offer meat and veggie options and make them ahead of time-and leave out a ton of toppings! Again, crockpot will keep piles of these babies nice and warm. Don’t forget condiments!

This could be something you’re known for or something you’ve always wanted to try…but go for something room temperature here. If you can leave it out on the table, DO IT. Think devilled eggs, charcuterie tray, mini stuffed peppers or potatoes or even oven ready pizzas! Just remember to stick to whole wheat crusts and have some veggies. Stay cool. Don’t go for the white flour grossness.

A brand that I’m a big fan of, especially when it comes to party food is Neal Brothers. I’m sure you’ve heard of them. Their products are organic, natural and fresh. I fell in love with them because of their black bean and corn salsa…OMGGGGGGGG I could eat it with a spoon! I actually had my grocery store stock this stuff and they always sold out…because I bought it all. It was AWESOME.

For a party on the fly, you NEED their organic blue tortillas with flax seeds. It’s a MUST. And pair it with any of their salsa (although you can tell which one I would recommend) and boom. Happy guests!

bblue tortilla chips

srisracha mayoAlso, as far as sliders go, or fish tacos, or sandwiches in general…they have this mayo made with organic free-run eggs in a bunch of flavours like lime and truffle, but the sriracha…WOW. If you’re  fan of spice-this is the BUSINESS. Mayo doesn’t have to be evil. This stuff is great!

They’ve got chips, pretzels, sauces, dressings, popcorn…they’re a party of a company. That’s all I’m saying.

And if you want to win some of their BBQ sauce…just leave a comment below with your name and email, telling me: “What is your favourite party food?”


Parties don’t have to be stressful. And they shouldn’t be! Have fun and party your ass off! You deserve it! And you can tell me all about it tomorrow. I’m going to bed. 🙂


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