Good Food for Good


Sometimes there is a company or product that really speaks to you.

I came across Good Food for Good, a Toronto based company, as one does when you’re a healthy food blogger, and it was love at first sight. Indian and Mexican sauces, such as butter chicken, tikka masala, ancho chile enchilada sauce and more…oh and ketchup, guys. KETCHUP.

All of the sauces are made without refined sugar. Yup, even the ketchup. MOMS EVERYWHERE REJOICE!

So how do they make them sweet and satisfying, even to the pickiest of palates? Dates. It’s so brilliant, I can’t even believe it.

I was able to try the butter chicken sauce, which I made into “Butter Chick-Peas”…and OMG, it was amazing.


I have to say, usually, I like to create all my sauces myself but sometimes it is SO AMAZING to be able to grab something convenient that I am confident in eating and serving to my family. Not to mention typical butter chicken sauces are heavy on the cream and butter (hence the name) but this sauce uses cashews and a whole lot of organic flavor to come up with this rich, amazing, vegan sauce. I was super impressed. My only criticism is the bottle is too small! I just wanted to eat more and more and I was sad when it was empty.

butter chickpeas

The Ancho Chlie Enchilada sauce was equally satisfying. Although I went rogue and did NOT use the sauce to make enchiladas, it was hella popular on our Taco Tuesday. Once again, sad when the bottle was empty but I highly recommend using this sauce on your taco instead of salsa sometime. Spicy, with a hint of sweetness, it was the perfect topping.

And now…seriously, this is the best thing ever…

the ketchup.


Kids love ketchup. Moms don’t like the sugar in it. It’s a constant battle and of course we’re looking for better options, right Moms? Well this is it! The ketchup you’ve been dreaming of! And Good Food for Good has a spicy version, just for us. WOOHOO!

Awesome, right? Isn’t this company just the best? Wait…it gets better.

They also have a line of tea. If you’re a tea drinker, you’re going to want to jump ship on whatever you’re drinking and hop over to Tumeric Teas. Each of their delicous flavours are infused with actual pieces of turmeric. What’s the big deal about turmeric? Numerous benefits are listed on the Tumeric Teas website but here’s a quick synopsis:

“Several studies have shown that curcumin, an active ingredient in turmeric, has potent anti-inflammatory properties making turmeric a perfect supplement for people suffering from joint pain or arthritis. Scientists have found over 600 experimentally confirmed health benefits of turmeric, including improved brain function, anti-oxidant effects, prevention and treatment of cancer, stronger immune system, improved digestion, reduced risk of heart disease, reduced risk of diabetes, treatment of heartburn, and prevention and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.”

Now, who wants a cup of tea?

tumeric tea

I have to say though, the best part of this company is this: Good food & Good Business.

Good Food for Good

With EVERY sale of their spreads and sauces, they donate a meal to fight world hunger. Um, can you say AWESOME? I guess I should be springing for more than one bottle after all.

Food that tastes good, and DOES good. Can you really ask for more?

I was impressed and I know you will be too. You can find them all over Toronto and the GTA or online.

If you do try them out, let me know how you like it!