Food Revolution 2017: Challenge #1

In addition to being a Holistic Nutritionist and Mom of three, I’m also a Toronto Ambassador for the Food Revolution. The Food Revolution is a campaign started by Jamie Oliver.

Jamie Oliver

Jamie is calling on us all to join a global Food Revolution in order to provoke debate and inspire real, meaningful, positive change in the way our children access, consume and understand food. Jamie has created a six-point plan for action on childhood obesity, which we believe governments across the world should be working towards as a priority.

We want to shout about important food issues, encourage everyone to take part in impactful change, and push governments to improve their food and nutrition policies. This is a space for us all – individuals, parents, policymakers, communities and businesses – to come together, make a noise, share our stories and discuss the solutions that could provide our children with access to good, fresh, nutritious food for generations to come. This is a global revolution – wherever you are, join us!

So what am I doing, here in Toronto?

This year, I’m encouraging my local school to participate in some healthy challenges and I’m asking YOU to take part as well.

The first challenge begins TODAY: Monday April 24th, 2017.


There is strong evidence linking childhood obesity to sugar sweetened drinks like pop and sports drinks. A significant proportion of the Canadian population, beginning early in childhood, regularly consume sugar sweetened beverages and are therefore put at risk for developing unhealthy weights. A simple switch is to drink flavoured water you can make at home.

Make your own infused water and up your hydration!

You can infuse your water with any of the following or make your own healthy version with fruit or vegetables of your choice! Get creative!

  • Sliced Strawberries
  • Lemon, lime, or orange slices
  • Apple slices
  • Watermelon
  • Blueberries
  • Cucumber slices
  • Mint leaves

Place fruit of your choice in your water bottle and bring to school or work this week.

If you don’t like the idea of having chunks of fruit in your water bottle, you can make the infused water in a pitcher at home and leave in your fridge overnight. In the morning, strain into your water bottle for a fresh flavour!

That’s it! I know you can do it! Stay tuned for our next challenge coming up next week.

And for more information on the Food Revolution, check out or the Toronto Food Revolution Facebook Page (where they have monthly challenges) here: