Food Revolution 2017: Challenge #3


I’ll keep this one simple.

Challenge #3 is a Healthy Breakfast Challenge.

Kids who eat breakfast tend to eat healthier overall and are more likely to participate in physical activities — two great ways to help maintain a healthy weight and keep their developing brains happy.

Skipping breakfast can do all sorts of damage, not to mention make kids make kids sleepy or cranky. In the morning, their bodies need fuel for the day ahead after “fasting” all night. Their mood and energy can fizzle way before lunch if they don’t eat SOMETHING in the morning.

Also, people who don’t eat in the morning often eat more calories throughout the day and are more likely to be overweight.

feed your brain

It’s important for kids to have breakfast every day, but the type of food they eat in the morning is crucial too. Choose foods that contain protein and fibre (and not a lot of sugar). These foods will help focus, concentration, and memory so your teachers will thank you.

set yourself up for success


I know the morning rush can be difficult so below are some options that are quick and easy:

  • Banana and all natural peanut butter rolled in a whole grain tortilla
  • Low sugar, high fibre cereal
  • Low sugar yogurt with fruit and nuts
  • Oatmeal (sweetened with maple syrup or honey)
  • Whole grain toast with all natural nut butter
  • Smoothies!
  • Smushed avocado on whole grain toast


Try to avoid packaged and processed items first thing in the day. If you have to unwrap it, it’s probably not the best choice first thing in the morning. And don’t worry about variety! If you find a healthy option they like, go ahead and eat it every day before school. There is no harm in routine!

be an example

If you’re eating toaster strudel every morning, your kids will too. Try to be the shining example you want them to emulate, and they’ll naturally want to be just like you.

Your challenge is to make a healthy choice TOGETHER AS A FAMILY. Explore some new options, make oatmeal, granola, or muffins ahead of time! Whatever works for you!