Family Time at Ripley’s Aquarium

family time

Yesterday I pulled my kids out of school to take them to the Aquarium.

family time

Some parents think it’s very irresponsible of me…but personally, I believe having some family time can be more important than going to school. Not all the time, but sometimes!

And it’s ONE day.

A recent study showed children should learn mainly through play until the age of eight. This may seem shocking to some parents as full day kindergarten means children are learning more and playing less at an earlier age.

All over the world, we see parents spending much energy doing the best for their child, and play is not on that list because they don’t have the background to understand what it could do.”

-Hanne Rasmussen, head of the Lego Foundation

See the entire article here.

Don’t get me wrong, my kids love school. They enjoy learning new things and that includes academics…but sometimes you just need to play in a cardboard box and use your imagination.

And we had SO MUCH FUN at the Aquarium! The kids got to play, pet sharks and horseshoe crabs, run around, see all kinds of fish-and I can easily tell you they learned some stuff (and so did I)!

family time

Things have been crazy in my life lately. So when I can enjoy a day with my entire family…I’ll take it! No rushing around, no pressure, just pure FUN…I’m going to do it, school day be damned.

Every once in a while, we all need a day off…and I believe that includes kids. Ok, so we just had March Break…but I mean all together. I promise, my husband was there too. But someone had to take all the pictures. 🙂


It’s rare, isn’t it? A day to spend together that doesn’t include work, school, lessons, practice, homework, recitals…just a day to be a family.

I encourage all families to take some time to spend together. And it doesn’t have to cost money. Pack a picnic and go to a park for the day. Take the kids swimming at a local pool. Or even stay home-just be sure you don’t fall in to any patterns of being at home (TV, checking the computer, etc.)…make your basement a movie theatre! Make popcorn and serve them in special paper bags. Free refills!

Kids really do grow up so fast-I’m realizing this and mine are still young!

family timeYes, including that one.

SO take a day off on me! Just don’t tell your boss.