Why Eating the Rainbow is Bad for You

30-Day Green and Orange Challenge

It’s the New Year and everyone wants to start eating better, moving more, getting healthy. Right?

It’s a great resolution! We should all be making an effort to be our best!

The thing is…when we make these resolutions, we’re SO MOTIVATED (which is awesome) that we want to do it all, immediately. And that’s where we fail.

We quit things cold turkey, stop eating entire food groups, start advanced level gym classes…and then we’re angry, hungry and hurt.

So we stop.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with eating the rainbow-in fact, I encourage everyone to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables of all colours-but if your current diet is lacking in colour, maybe start with one or two instead of loading your plate with absolutely everything.

Start slow.

Take your time to integrate more nutritious foods into your diet.

Pick one or two colours.

Join my FREE 30-Day Green & Orange Challenge to start eating something green and something orange every day! You get a calendar with green and orange daily options plus FIVE RECIPES that include both green and orange foods so you can knock this challenge out of the park in one meal!

You’ll also be invited to join the Exclusive Green and Orange Challenge Facebook group with daily support from me and all others who are also taking part in the challenge. What else? Extra recipes and motivation, plus you can ask me any questions you want-and I’ll answer!

It’s an easy way to start integrating the rainbow into your diet slowly. Once you finish the Green & Orange challenge, start adding in some red fruit and vegetables! Before you know it, the rainbow will be a normal part of your day!

Want to feel amazing this year?

Choose to slowly integrate green and orange foods into your diet. Join the challenge and start feeling AMAZING. Share with your family! Get everyone involved. Remember, it’s totally free!

It’s simple. And it works.

What’s your resolution? Are you looking to make a big change this year? Email me at seanna@nutritionnaire.com and let me know! I’m super excited about this challenge and I know you can do it. Let’s make 2017 our best year yet!