E: Excess and EASY DOES IT…and eggs

It’s no surprise when I say that exercise (another “E”) is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Personally, when I’m in a great routine of working out consistently, I have more energy, eat better, am generally happier, I just feel better overall.

I had the plague last week. There was no exercise other than blowing my nose or running to have a nap. Energy was low.

This week-back at it! Just thinking about getting back into the swing of things make me feel better. Seriously! Exercise is that powerful. You know it is.

Moving is essential to life. Recent studies show that being sedentary and specifically, SITTING, can be detrimental to your health. Well.

I suppose we should probably get up then.

We all know exercise is good for us and sitting down is bad for us. Let’s just move as much as possible when we can, ok? Don’t feel bad if you had to sit through a meeting at work and couldn’t do lunges in front of your boss.

Sometimes you can fit it in, sometimes you can’t. Do your best! Be realistic! When I was sick, I was not about to work my triceps. And that’s ok.

That brings me to the other “E”s…excess and easy does it.

Sometimes we get on the train of excess and think-yes, more exercise, more protein shakes, more spirulina, more coconut oil…more, more, MORE. And then…it stops. Or at the very least, we realize, the EXCESS life we’ve been living isn’t one we can maintain…so…

You guessed it:


I’m all for more greens, more healthy living, more good times. But let’s cool it, shall we? Oh-not on the good times, you can never have enough of those!

Sometimes doing something (or eating something) in excess is a really wonderful reminder that we need to do things in moderation. Yesterday was Family Day and my wonderful husband decided to treat us because we’ve been eating so well and then were feeling so sick all week…(and treats are a good thing) so he ordered Chinese food. Not a little bit either. By the amount of fortune cookies we received, they thought we were having a party. Chinese food is delicious, there is no doubt. But, as my husband soon discovered, in excess, Chinese food can hurt your insides. Badly. He was doubled over in pain…poor fellow.

So, thanks to this (delicious) reminder, we probably won’t be ordering Chinese food for a very, very long time. Besides there’s still enough in the fridge for us to eat all week.

So the Alphabet lesson for the week is EASY DOES IT. On everything. Oh-another “E”, this is fun, isn’t it? Overdo it occasionally, stop occasionally and never feel bad. You’re human. Roll with it. Life happens.

On another note, I suppose “Eggs” would have been a good “E” word as well.