Looking for inspiration? These recipes have been tested time and time again and I’m constantly updating and adding new winners to my blog. Fun, fast breakfasts, quick and easy lunches, delicious dinners everyone will enjoy, and of course-dessert!

Oatmeal Energy Bites
Lately I've been speaking with lots of clients that have a sweet tooth. They're looking for a snack they can[...]
Cauliflower and Kohlrabi Soup
I love a good soup. If you've been on this website before, you probably know thanks to all the soup[...]
The Secret to Perfect Steel-Cut Oatmeal
Did you wake up with good intentions this morning? The good intentions to eat right, and start your day off[...]
Watermelon Pops
Summer is hot. And heat calls for popsicles. We're all trying to be healthier, especially for our kids, and making homemade[...]
Whole Wheat Yogurt Coffee Cake
Whenever I have people over to my house, I make banana bread or coffee cake or some sort of sweet[...]
A Healthier Hollandaise
In the past, whenever I would go out for breakfast, there was nothing better than Eggs Benedict. Perfectly poached eggs[...]
Canada Day Coconut Rhubarb Cake
Every Canada Day our family goes to the cottage.  This year will be our 10th annual Canada Day party with[...]
Monkey Milk
We all have those items we feed our kids without even thinking twice. Mine is monkey milk. This all began[...]
Blueberry Muffin Smoothie a.k.a. The Cement Mixer
It was a rainy day in Toronto, when I was craving something sweet and bright for my breakfast. BLUEBERRY MUFFINS![...]
What is with KID’s MENUS?
What is with the kid's menu at restaurants? Why are the options always chicken fingers, pizza, or butter soaked white[...]
Coconut Honey Roasted Nuts
Nuts get a bad rap. I know they're high in fat and calories but sometimes you have to dig a[...]
Food Revolution 2017: Challenge #3
I'll keep this one simple. Challenge #3 is a Healthy Breakfast Challenge. Kids who eat breakfast tend to eat healthier[...]
Food Revolution 2017: Challenge #2
As you now know, I'm an Ambassador for the Food Revolution here in Toronto. I'm running challenges with a local[...]
Food Revolution 2017: Challenge #1
In addition to being a Holistic Nutritionist and Mom of three, I'm also a Toronto Ambassador for the Food Revolution. The[...]
Diner-Style Breakfast Potatoes
I could eat breakfast three times a day. No problem. It's my favourite meal, hands down. I mean, there are[...]
Asparagus and Edamame Salad
What is the best time to start eating more greens? The first answer is a long time ago, but the[...]
My Favourite After School Snacks *Video*
When kids come home from school, it's the perfect opportunity to load them up with some nutritious after school snacks.[...]
Hangry Bars
My kids are rushing here to there and everywhere in between. Our "down days" consist of 2-3 hockey practices and[...]
How to make Date Paste
Date paste is a staple in our house because we don't used any refined sugar in our cooking or baking.[...]
Carrot Cake with Creamy Cashew Icing
For me and birthdays, cake is necessary. I'm also happy to make a cake here and there for a special[...]