Deliciously Ella Every Day: A Review

Deliciously Ella

I recently received Ella Woodward’s new cookbook: “Deliciously Ella Every Day”.Deliciously Ella

If you’re not familiar with her first book, “Deliciously Ella”, it’s full of ridiculously amazing plant-based, dairy-free and gluten-free recipes she created to heal herself from the inside out when she found herself with a rare illness. And now? She’s healthy, happy, and clearly doing very well.

I was so excited about this second book because I frequently make recipes from her first. I am MOSTLY plant-based but I am not dairy or gluten-free. That doesn’t mean I don’t love a good vegan meal, in fact I cook a lot of vegan meals in my home…I’m just not completely there. It didn’t matter, the recipes are delicious, nutritious, and easy to follow. Although I am testing my own recipes all the time, sometimes it’s nice to follow someone else’s recipe from beginning to end, and know everything is going to turn out perfectly.

This book is similar to her first. Beautiful pictures, easy to read recipes and ingredients I have in my cupboard. Now, this may not be the case for everyone, since she uses only gluten-free ingredients…but for a Holistic Nutritionist that is always in the kitchen…well, let’s just say my cupboard is full of more than whole wheat flour and baking powder. But nothing crazy is in here, every recipe seems very accessible to everyone.

One of the recipes I decided to make was her sweet potato risotto. With the slogan of her book being “Simple recipes and fantastic food for a healthy way of life”, I wanted to see how simple this risotto could be considering risotto is usually fairly time consuming and labor intensive.

First of all, I love the ingredients. Cooking the rice in water and coconut milk makes it creamy and delicious right off the bat. And I adore sweet potato.

There are a few steps to this risotto, and the amount the recipe made was enormous! But then I realized I was in the “Big Batch Cooking” section of the book…whoops. I guess I’ll be eating this for a while!sweet potato risottoI mentioned there were a few steps. Here’s why: I had to roast sweet potatoes with pine nuts, steam sweet potatoes and blend them, plus cook the rice. So yes,  there were a few steps involved in this one…but WORTH IT. Plus you end up with enough food for a massive party or to eat for a week, or two-depending on how many people are in your house.

This dish gets a thumbs up from me! It was creamy, sweet and savory, and I ate it EVERY DAY until it was gone. Maybe that’s why the book is called Delicously Ella Every Day? It was the perfect addition to my Buddha bowls. My husband didn’t like the cinnamon that was sprinkled on the roasted sweet potato, but it can easily be omitted. I, however, enjoyed it.

buddha bowl

I always encourage people to eat something orange and green every day. This recipe includes sweet potato, spinach and cilantro. Done and done!

I recommend this book for people who already have a fairly healthy diet and are looking to punch it up with some creative recipes. If you’re looking to change your entire diet and want some inspiration, this could be for you as well.

Have you seen this book? Have you tried a recipe? Let me know what you thought! And if you like checking out new cookbooks, you’ll love my post about Thug Kitchen.

Happy Cooking!