Canada’s Wonderland

Canada's Wonderland

This is the perfect place for Family Fun, right? I mean, it’s CALLED Canada’s WONDERLAND! Full of rides, thrills, new adventures, a waterpark…it’s just MADE for families!!

Or could it be fun just for two?


The answer is: Yes it can.

I did that. My husband and I played hooky and went to Canada’s Wonderland SANS KIDS.

Canada's Wonderland

And it was awesome.

I’m not saying the kids wouldn’t have any fun there. Not at all. They have SO MUCH for kids of all ages to do…I just…well…ok, I didn’t want to wait in line with three kids aged 6, 5, and 4, ok? I’m willing to do it another time…maybe.

Plus I REALLY wanted to go on all the big rides and none of my kids are old enough yet!!

And…my husband and I never do this stuff. We really don’t. We used to be really good at date nights. We used to have weekly nights (at home) designated to each other. I would make a bit more of an effort when it came to dinner and we would open a bottle of wine. We didn’t have to go out, we would just enjoy each other’s company and chat…it was so nice.

But in recent years, we’ve gotten busy. I KNOW you hear me. No dates, unless of course, we’re invited to a wedding…but that’s it! No hand holding, no romantic moments. Just scheduling, discipline, work and routine. Well, maybe not, but it certainly feels like it sometimes.

So when my husband came up with the idea for just the two of us to go…to have a DAY DATE…to just spend the entire day together, well, I jumped at the chance. And you know what?

I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Canada's Wonderland

We went on every ride, guys. EVERY RIDE. And the big ones? Leviathan and Behemoth? Seven times each. We felt like kids again! We ran from ride to ride, laughed at how silly we could be, giggled at the excitement of falling from the sky…what an amazing time.

Canada's Wonderland

We had so much fun, we’re going to do it every year. One day, an ENTIRE day, just for us.

Just don’t tell my kids. They’d be super jealous.

Some tips for parents who want to have a day date at Canada’s Wonderland:

Go in June. The Waterpark isn’t open yet, but all the rides are. The younger kids aren’t out of school yet and if you show up when the park opens…the teenagers are still sleeping.

Buy your tickets in advance. They’re cheaper online if you can buy them at least three days in advance.

Bring a fannypack/small backpack. I can honestly say I don’t care what people think about me, so I went for the fannypack. Keep some water, your wallets, sunglasses, etc. in there. You have to leave it at the side for a lot of the rides, but if your fannypack is small enough, you can squish it in beside you on the rides.

Canada's Wonderland

Try to go on an overcast day. This one is a little hard, especially if you’re planning in advance, but an overcast day keeps a lot of people away and all you need is a sweatshirt to stay warm and you’re good to go!

GO ON ALL THE RIDES. We went on every single one. Bring some money if you want to do the little extras. Remember, this doesn’t happen every day. Go all out!

Canada's Wonderland

By the way, if you’re old like me, you’re going to want to know that all the ridea have new names. They’re not new rides…promise. But remember when Canada’s Wonderland was PARAMOUNT Canada’s Wonderland? Well, it’s not anymore.

So now…

Sol Loco is now the Orbiter.

Wilde Beast is now WIld Beast. You’re not going crazy, the “e” was there.

Canada's Wonderland

The Italian Job is now Backlot Stunt Coaster.

Canada's Wonderland

Top Gun is now Flight Deck.

Canada's Wonderland

Drop Zone is now Drop Tower (again, you’re not nuts…you’re memory is ok!)

There’s more, but those were the ones that really got me. And now you can rest easy knowing your brain is in perfect working order.

Well, maybe not after a few times around the Minebuster. OUCH. That made me feel old. I definitely had a headache, backache and hurt my neck on a lot of these rides. Apparently I used to be more bendy. Not so much anymore.

Canada's Wonderland


I highly recommend you take a day with your significant other and do this. Have the best time ever and go home, all rested and giggled-out to your kids with a big grin on your face. And when they ask you what you did…don’t tell them. It’s better that way.

You can tell we had an amazing time by our super sad faces to leave…what a day…what a day date!

Canada's Wonderland