You CAN cook at home


Yes, you can.cook at home

Was your first reaction “No, I can’t.”?

Or…”I don’t have time.”

I hear you. I used to think that.


My kids are at a hockey arena 11 times a week. Throw in a couple of birthday parties, playdates, homework, extra playoff games, tournaments, family obligations and there is ACTUALLY NO TIME.

My husband and I do not have family living close to help, we don’t have a nanny, and we both work. Trust me when I say, I UNDERSTAND. I am not perfect and some nights we clean out the fridge for dinner because I totally forgot to even think about what meal to make. I’m human.

So here’s my solution: Set your alarm for 3:00AM, get up and meal plan.


I know, right? So ridiculous, but seems like the only time you would ever be able to do it.

I’m here to tell you that you CAN cook at home for your family.

All families are busy. I mean, really, really busy.

But don’t you owe it to your family to give them real, whole food? Healthy, nutritious food?

I’m not suggesting you have to sit around the table every night and have a proper roast beef dinner. Not at all. In fact, our family is lucky to sit at the table together once a week.

Don’t get me wrong, I would LOVE to sit together, but it’s just not possible right now. Maybe in the summer time, we’ll all be able to sit together and BBQ and laugh and joke OUTSIDE. Right now, it’s a lot of breakfast for dinner and out the door. But I still make cooking at home a priority.


Here’s why I believe it’s so important to cook at home:

Childhood Obesity

There is an epidemic happening right before our eyes. You may not see it in your children, but it’s happening. Our kids are the first to have a shorter life expectancy than we are. That is so scary and sad, I can’t even imagine. Cooking at home means you’re able to choose exactly what goes into your food and serve your family real, whole foods that you’ve prepared…something that doesn’t come out of a package. Something that is not deep fried. I understand that sometimes takeout of fast food can feel like a necessity when you’re racing from work to home to practice…but hear me out.

You’ll save money

Seriously. Groceries are cheaper than buying individual meals out of the home. But you need a plan, right? I can help you with that.


You’ll save time

I know, you think I’m nuts. WHEN YOU HAVE AN HOUR-whether it’s on a Sunday night, after the kids are in bed, or that elusive one night a week, when you don’t have sports…make some muffins, or prep some pasta or rice…do these things so on the busy nights, you have something READY. Boil some eggs, roast a chicken-do something that will save you time later on in the week. Your future self will thank you. The best things to make are grab and go items so if you’re starving and out the door, you can grab something quick!


You might find that your kids are doing just fine on burgers and fries, but there will be a time when it’s not sustainable. They will crash. Having healthy food items on hand is key for not only their energy, but yours! How do you function when you’ve been eating badly? It catches up to you and it will catch up to your kids too. Plan a little the night before, so you can be full of energy the next day.

Feel Better

I promise you, if you start to eat real, whole foods, even TWO MORE DAYS a week than you do now, you will feel better. You’ll have more energy, sleep better, look better, be less stressed, and probably have less digestive discomfort. No puffiness, no bloating, you’ll feel JUST AMAZING. Trust me.

If you are looking for help in this department, I would love to help you. I’m working on some exciting things on my site so keep an eye for something in the Spring. If you simply can’t wait that long and want to make a change RIGHT NOW, please, please, please get in touch with me.

My email is or if you’re on social media, you can find me on twitter, facebook, and instagram.

My mission for 2017 is to expand my reach and help people eat better. I’d be happy to help you! Get in touch any time!