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Being healthy and eating nutritious foods can be daunting. By following the alphabet, I tried to make it fun, starting with “A” and going all the way to “Z”. Guess what I chose for each letter and see if you’re right! Then choose a recipe and begin your healthy journey…one letter at a time.

X: Strike it Out!

Did you really want a post on xanthan gum? NO! So I’m using “X” to talk about the things that I believe should be cut out of your typical daily routine. Typically, I do not advocate cutting ANYTHING completely out of your diet unless you have an allergy or intolerance. I think there is a […]

V: Vinegar

Errr Mah Gerd, there is so much hype about apple cider vinegar these days. SO MUCH. Have you heard? You should be drinking it…all the time! Bathing in it, soaking your feet, washing your hair, cleaning your clothes…maybe we should just sleep in a daily bath of vinegar!!! Okay, that is a little extreme, but […]

U: Unpasteurized honey

I admit, “U” was a hard letter. But when I thought about unpasteurized honey, voila! A very healthy option indeed. What is unpasteurized honey, you ask? Well, it’s honey that has not been heated. Most of time, you’ll find “raw” honey if it’s unpasteurized which means it also hasn’t been processed in any way. There […]

T: Tomatoes

I woke up one day and I was all grown up. Married, house, three kids, a Labrador retriever and I was eating things like onions, peppers and tomatoes. And LOVING THEM. Some recipes just aren’t the same without them. Sometimes I just start cooking onions until I decide what I’m going to make because I […]

S: Spinach

Popeye really had something. These days, when I make a green smoothie for my kids, popeye has nothing to do with it. Because the blank stares don’t get the smoothies down their necks. You know what does? The Hulk. So Hulk Smoothie it is! Even if it’s not green…there’s spinach in there…trust me. I make a […]

R: Rice…brown rice

I know, I know. You’re thinking: How could she choose rice in her healthy alphabet when she TOTALLY dissed it last week? Well, quinoa IS more nutritious than rice but that doesn’t mean rice is BAD. Ok, lately it has been getting a bad rap. I’m sure you’ve heard about all this arsenic business. It’s […]

Q: Quinoa

Surprised I chose quinoa? Me neither. Although there are not many foods that start with the delicious letter “Q”, I’m happy to have quinoa in my alphabet because it is SO. FREAKING. GOOD FOR YOU! It’s versatile and so super delicious. I use it in sweet and savory dishes, hot or cold. In baked goods or […]

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