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The Nutritionnaire is a blog about holistic nutrition (obviously) and trying to be as healthy as possible with three picky eaters under the age of five. It’s about REAL LIFE. Sometimes you need to drink an entire glass (bottle) of wine with your husband (alone). Niches: Health, Food, Parenting, Lifestyle

Time for a Change


I’ve been GO GO GO since September with my new business. It’s been FANTASTIC! I’ve been blogging and teaching cooking classes, doing webinars, virtual summits, collaborating with new people, joining new groups, meeting people, making videos, speaking at small workshops to big corporations…it’s been SO BUSY and so much fun. I also launched my first […]

Breakfast Smoothies


As you know, I love to bring my kids into the kitchen. They especially love making breakfast which I am 100% encouraging because once I’m comfortable with them making breakfast, that means I DON’T HAVE TO MAKE BREAKFAST. Don’t get me wrong, I love making food for my kids (really, I do) and they’re more […]

You CAN cook at home


Yes, you can. Was your first reaction “No, I can’t.”? Or…”I don’t have time.” I hear you. I used to think that.   My kids are at a hockey arena 11 times a week. Throw in a couple of birthday parties, playdates, homework, extra playoff games, tournaments, family obligations and there is ACTUALLY NO TIME. […]

Top 5 Breakfast Cereals

I’m often asked about breakfast cereal. With so many options, Moms want to know which are the best choices for their kids-and themselves! Mornings are busy and we don’t want to have to think about nutrition first thing in the morning. Now, I have to say this, because I’m a Nutritionist: Breakfast cereal is not […]

Why Diets Suck & Never Work *GUEST POST*

make it a lifestyle, not a duty

From Atkins to Weight Watchers or from Paleo to Vegan, we’re sure you have heard of many different ways to lose weight and many different promises of shedding pounds from these no-fail diets. We are also sure you have heard of success stories, have heard many women say that they have followed Weight Watchers, and […]

Why You Should Eat More Greens

green pasta supreme

No matter the time of year, it’s important to eat more green, leafy vegetables. Canadian just don’t get enough of these delicious foods and there are more to choose from than just spinach, kale, and broccoli. Get out to your local farmers market or grocery store and buy something green. Check it out, chop it […]

Why Eating the Rainbow is Bad for You

30-Day Green and Orange Challenge

It’s the New Year and everyone wants to start eating better, moving more, getting healthy. Right? It’s a great resolution! We should all be making an effort to be our best! The thing is…when we make these resolutions, we’re SO MOTIVATED (which is awesome) that we want to do it all, immediately. And that’s where […]

The Future of Recycling: Terracycle


Remember in school when you learned about the three “R’s? You know…reduce, reuse, recycle? (In case you forgot!) Our kids are learning all about this too, but it’s changed. Recycling isn’t just putting your cans and bottles in the blue bin. Nope, you can recycle things now that we never dreamed of recycling when we […]