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Kids in the Kitchen

Kids in the Kitchen health

Kids in the Kitchen. Is this your nightmare? They’re in the way, they could burn themselves, they leave the fridge open, spill things, sneak into the cupboards and eat when they’re not supposed to, make a mess… It’s true. That could happen. It has happened. But having your kids in the kitchen is such a […]

Protein for Young Athletes

hockey rink

When you have a child, you start to immediately put all their needs before your own. You wonder if you’re giving them enough food, adequate vitamins, keeping them hydrated… My kids, like many, are busy. They love to be active and are involved in lots of sports. Hockey, swimming, dance, soccer…they absolutely thrive in a […]

Red Quinoa Salad

quinoa salad

Quinoa used to be so trendy and now it’s a staple in everyone’s kitchen. Am I right? Everyone is so “over” quinoa. But don’t stop eating it! It’s amazing! Quinoa is full of protein, fibre, iron, vitamins…I could go on…but let me tell you this: Quinoa is a COMPLETE PROTEIN. This means it contains all […]

Healthy Party Snacks (You can buy!)

party food

So it’s the middle of winter and you want to throw a party…tonight. First of all, I love your spontaneity. Can we be friends? I probably can’t come to your party, because well, I’ve got kids and hockey and dance and swimming and stuff, but an invite would be cool. Anyway, Parties need food. Here’s […]

WILD for blueberries!

Sometimes in the middle of winter, I need a little reminder that spring and summer exist. Nothing crazy, no lavish vacations (although that would be nice), just something to wake up my senses and say: “Oh yah!! Sunshine is super awesome.” When I lived in Petawawa, I was lucky to live near a wild blueberry […]

Souping vs. Juicing

I hate juicing. I’m not saying there aren’t any benefits, because clearly there are. Lots of extra fruits and vegetables are AWESOME. I’m just saying most people do it wrong and wonder why they feel like crap. And why they’re hungry. You will lose weight. Because you’re not eating any food. But here’s why I […]

Hungry, Hungry Holidays + a GIVEAWAY!

The Holidays are upon us and life is getting busier than EVER. Of course, there’s the regular stuff. Working, school, hockey, swimming. But add in all the holiday extras like visiting Santa, buying presents, Christmas parties, seeing friends, going to special shows, dinners, markets…it feels like we’re just shuttling around constantly and we’re never home. […]

Warming Winter Couscous

Winter isn’t coming…it’s here. Snow has fallen and the ice scraper has been used on the car. It’s official: It’s cold. Time to warm up! I’ve got an awesome and easy recipe for you that can be ready in 30 minutes flat. No crazy ingredients, and so incredibly yummy. Leftovers are great for work too-and […]

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